Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things that make me Smile

dessert, ice cream, mini bowls, blue berries, chocolate, berries,
Life is a happy place when I reflect on the good and happy places in my life. It makes the craziness more bare-able:   

  • watching funny you tube videos will make time fly and then you'll realise you were meant to be working!!! ;)  
  • Coffee and chocolate make me happy each morning - its the little things
  • being creative seems to fuel me ... drawing, editing, creating stuff... :) 
  • Just sitting in the sun with my cat 
  • Happy songs played REALLY loud (its the loud part that important)
  • Beautiful sunrises and still evenings with dramatic winter sunsets
  • A well baked chocolate chip cookie
  • Getting a note  from my kid saying "you are the best cooker" (cook)
  • Reading a good tweet and laughing
  • Getting through a bunch of things on my to-do list done!
 What is making you happy and smiling at the moment?

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