Thursday, January 10, 2013


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Happy 2013
If I reflect on the crazy year we've had - I can safely say that the end of the world still hasn't happened and it seems like we all have to go back to work or school soon! - whether we like it or not! 

But with all the new year brings I hope to find some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the little things:
Like a fresh cup of brewed coffee each morning, sitting in a ray of sunshine and flicking through a
magazine, walking on the beach, hugging my loved ones and of course cooking new and different foods and sweet things.

Life after all is about the choices we choose to make - and even though I can't say no to school lifts and parent / teacher meetings - I can say no to unnecessary obligations that I put pressure on myself to do ... so here is to more happy yes' in 2013 and less silly nonsense of feeling bad.

Hope to see you popping in here through out the year

Big hugs


ps what new things do you plan to do this year?


  1. Hope your year is as fascinating as you seem. I plan on opening and running a home based cake business. Supplying novelty cakes and sweet treats to friend, family and off course the public. I have a few ideas under my belt but the nerves are getting to me. So many questions, so few answers :) oh well...let's hope 2013 is the year for many accomplishments.....Renuka Lallbahadur

  2. :) Im sure you are going to ROCK it this year! :)
    thanks for reading my blog and chatting on twitter

    Betty Bake

  3. You have a wonderful blog :-)


  4. Happy 2013 to ou too although I a, really late

  5. Oh what a gorgeous kitten!! Yours? Wishing you all the best for 2013 :)

    1. HI Jeanne

      yes its my kitty - but an old photo I took. She is now big!
      All the best for 2013 to you too :)



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