Friday, April 5, 2013

Hungry for Change Documentary

Eating healthy is always a touchy subject to talk about. If you've ever been out with some friends and chatted about weight and diets - there is bound to be many points of views! Some will be very strong in their opinion about what is THE right way!
Usually it goes something like this: Some will say Paleo, others will debate Atkins while someone else will say vegetarian (eg Forks over Knives etc) while someone will be like --I don't care, I exercise.

I have been swaying one way and then another, trying different ways of eating BUT feeling like NOT just one program suited me!!!

Was I crazy or did my body type not suit what everyone was saying?

Then I felt to just follow my body and eat well e.g. fresh veg and fruit, meat ocassionally, everything made from scratch and drink plenty of water (I've always stayed clear of additives like MSG, Aspartame etc...)--- It was going well, I lost weight (yay me)
Then I watched the documentary Hungry for Change. It was wow! It was exactly how I had been feeling.
If you are feeling confused about who to follow or what to eat or who is right about it ALL!!! Which is so mind boggling its insane... Watch it!

It will make you realise that you can be sane and healthy and not a calorie crazy nut! 
Enjoy it - It is freedom to the mind and body.

I am adding more juicing to my diet - It feels amazing!


When I watched the Documentary Hungry for Change - it was part of a 6 day free screening that anyone could watch online but now I see you can only watch the first 20 minutes... Do it even the 20 minutes has some great stuff in there that may make you think differently! 

I have nothing to do with Hungry for Change - I just loved it and thought you might too :) 

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