Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PEP TALK TO A BLOGGER: Digital vs Real World

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Sometimes I just sit down and write - for myself. Then I realised I might not be alone.  


We live in a digital world... The picture above I made with my phone. Yip, now a days you can take a photo, edit it and write on it with a few different apps and then share it on the internet - no computers involved!

What an amazing time we live in! But it can also be a draining world because how often do we check our phones? email, twitter, pinterest, facebook, etc.... At any moment, day or night we have access to a digital world that is kind of like the matrix. We can live in there and never come out if we wish. EXAMPLE:  I could be living in a grey old room with no sunlight but I could write that Im on a sandy beach sipping cocktails. But as long as I have a device in my hands I can act how ever I want in the online world... So we have this opportunity to portray ourselves how ever we wish -as glamorous and upbeat or as boring and critical for example. But all this time we are spending online is it really time well spent?

While we are spending this time online and it can be really fun! Like reading others talking on social media but does that really make up for us not being present in real life eg while sitting at a coffee shop or family gathering? How often do we whip out our phones and ignore the things around us - Not only people but nature and life! (I am just as guilty- I am currently working on this). This is not to say that we can't visit the online digital world but I feel that I need to limit my time spent there - so I can actually spend time in the real world too.
If I don't make this effort  I think I may actually start living in the matrix... via my phone!

So this is my goal

1) To limit my time online line: no matter the device (phone, computer, tablet etc) This is not to say that I shouldn't have an absolute ball while reading, chatting, pinning and tweeting BUT that I shouldn't do that the ENTIRE day for instance! (using a timer may be essential to begin)

2) When I am online reflect the real me: Be kind to others online as you never know when we may see them in real life. Be Genuine.Life is real online too but don't pretend to be on this amazing journey if you are not -people can see false a mile off!  Making sure that your core values are aligned for the real world as well as the online world should be the same because if you are a digital snob or cow on line then in real life it may bite you in the butt!

3) Turn off my computer after work hours: By turning off my computer and closing the door to my mini office makes it less likely to check on my online life. Same goes for my phone - I leave my phone in the passage so I can hear it if it rings but I can't see it all the time so I won't contentiously  check it!

Hope you enjoyed the pep talk I just gave myself ;) Do you also get way to involved online? or am I just the only one?

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  1. This is so interesting. I was writing about something similar when I saw your comment on my blog and clicked over to check out your blog.

    I do much better when I limit my time. That's why I don't have a lot of posts on my blog (but I try to make the ones I do have good ones). :) I have to constantly remind myself about my priorities because it's hard to balance everything. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!


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