Friday, August 23, 2013


 almond milk, how to, betty bake, yum, home made, dairy free, recipe

This recipe is so ridiculously simple that I can't believe I haven't made almond milk before!
It would be delicious to make into any flavoured milk...
And even though its not dairy it has a lovely texture and tastes really amazing.
I was even able to make frothed milk with it to create a flat white coffee! Which is great news if you need to be dairyfree. This means you can have a decent cup of coffee with frothy milk !!!  How cool!
Well at least I thought so.
 almond milk, how to, betty bake, yum, home made, dairy free, recipe

To make this recipe you will need a blender or blending device of some sort.

Makes roughly 1 Litre

1 cup of Almonds
3 - 4 cups of filtered water
vanilla pod or vanilla essence
salt (Himalayan crystal salt)
1- 2 teaspoons honey (or sugar or sweetener of your choice)

Soak your almonds in filtered water - enough water to cover them and abit more so that when they swell they are still under the water.
Soak for at least an hour but up to over night in the fridge is great too - so they can plump up and get  all delicious. (The water you soak them in will get thrown away so don't worry when you strain them)
When ready to blend strain the almonds and place them in the blender.
Top up with 3 cups of filtered fresh water, vanilla seeds from a pod, a teeny tiny pinch of salt and some honey (vary to taste). Blend on high until everything is really frothy on top and you think the almonds have been blended to teeny tiny bits!
Taste and add more honey, vanilla, or salt (even a pinch of cinnamon or a spoon or two of cocoa if you wish) 
Use a clean dish cloth and a medium bowl.
Pour the mixture into the clean dish clothe and then gather all the edges to together of the cloth until the pulp is in the middle and you have a ball. squish out as much liquid as possible.
Add more filtered water if you would like to thin it out.
Place the almond milk in a glass jug or jar in the fridge to cool and then use.
Keep the almond pulp for placing in muffins, cookies or use in smoothies

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

It really is soooo easy to make and delicious

almond milk, how to, betty bake, yum, home made, dairy free, recipe

IDEAS: I will definitely be creating this in different flavours - eg: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, banana, strawberry etc...

SWEET IDEAS: Im sure I read that you can use dates in it too (in place of honey or sugar) - place in the blender and process with everything before squeezing out... It would make a kind of caramel flavour I think.

almond milk, coffee, how to, betty bake, yum, home made, dairy free, recipe, flat white, frothed milk


  1. I will so be giving this a go! Have been feeling a wee bit daunted by the idea of making almond milk, but this sounds easy and doable:-) Thanks!

  2. It does sound so easy...I've been going to try it for ages but every recipe says to use cheese cloth to strain and I have no idea what it is or where to get it so have continued on buying almond milk from the supermarket :-)
    Dish cloth! Easy, I can do dishcloth!!
    Thanks for sharing BB! Xx

  3. Mmm delicious x I will have a go

  4. Oh wow, this sounds wonderful Betty--i am off to soak some almonds right now-- i just bought 3kg of them at our local indian grocery store at a steal


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