Friday, November 22, 2013


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How bright and luscious are these strawberries?

I like my frozen yoghurt to taste more like the flavour its supposed to be and less like yoghurt.
So my fruit to yoghurt ratio is around 2 parts fruit to 1 part yoghurt.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whisky Launch - The Private Barrel Co.

whisky, whiskey, private barrel co, cape grace, signal restaurant, whisky and food pairing, event

Last month I had the privilege of attending a rather scrumptious lunch at the Cape Grace which was paired with whiskey... yes you heard me, not wine but beautiful and golden, amber whiskies.

Thanks to Checkers who are importing some beautiful whiskies and branding them under Private Barrel Co. Each bottle is brought to SA in limited numbered batches.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Talking to yourself in your head is a creative process... Or maybe I just tell myself this to not feel like Im crazy!

Personally I like to chat and write nonsense, the problem with writting nonsense is that not everyone

Monday, November 11, 2013



The lack of posts = crazy silly madness... You know the kind were you husband is on leave, you have a house to paint and fix, the kid has school project, outings, orals and activities, the emails keep piling in and the cleaning never ends, and you want to fit in a week away somewhere.... well that has been the last +/- a month.

I am just trying to get my digital,online legs back / the pile of emails sorted / photos edited etc...

So please bear with me

I feel so bad for not popping in sooner. BUT brownie points to me for:

During this crazy time Ive also learnt to say No sometimes and not feel guilty! - well kind of ;) I work through it and in the end all is good.

What have you been up to?

Hope you are amazingly well :)

ps while we were away I did manage to bake the chocolate loaf cake in the pic... hope to share it with you soon