Monday, August 25, 2014

The Hungry Collection v2

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Only great nourishing food.Sweet and awesomely healthy foods from around the web. Foods and treats I could definitely make and feel good about.

I hope you like it to....

We all need more fermented foods - but ones that taste good would be nice! Here's 1 option

This desert! Raspberry brownie ice cream. So cute in pink and chocolate squares - perfect for a party.

Chocolate amazing-ness please ... Im sure this will deliver

Good Healthy fat - how to make Ghee at home (better to cook with than plant oils - except coconut oil always WINS)
Chocolate mousse with olive oil in it... sounds interesting, think specialized olive oil with complex flavors being paired with amazing chocolate

Mini Zucchini cake with basil lime infused cream cheese frosting - so sweet!

Cucumber Melon Caprese salad --- so beautiful

Ive been looking for a way to use lentils - this recipe looks promising

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  1. Choc Mousse with olive oil....I'm definitely intrigued to try it. Great round-up Betty!


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