Thursday, October 16, 2014


So when you are reading this it maybe thursday or it maybe friday... or another day. But for me I am  happy knowing that the weekend is almost here (klinks glass- cheers).
Sometimes we look for almost anything to cheer us up or to find a positive spin on our day or week...
Its the little things that make us smile - that block of chocolate or cup of coffee. The thought of time
off on the weekend or seeing a good friend.
Better yet having guilt free time off to read some magazines or blogs and just wander and not feel bad that we're not being productive.
YIP I'm one of those people (you know the positive kind) - I like to find reasons to smile... there is always hope and rainbows and beautiful sunsets to see. No matter where you are and what your week has been like- if its been bad you can give yourself a pat on the back and a reassuring hug that its almost over and life will definitely improve... even if that improvement is just a cup of coffee or some time in bed with a good book or some series to watch. You are meant to be nourished. So this pep talk to myself (and you if you like) is hello happy vibes - put on that music and put your feet up - you deserve it!

yip you do!

big hugs
(from the over positive one) 


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  1. you are one of my reasons to smile pretty sister! x


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