Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Life behind the computer screen

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Grab a coffee , lets chat...

Because there haven't been much blog posts up (sorry) doesn't mean I haven't been staring at the computer screen alot (think square eyes).
I have been spending way to much time in front of the computer- but for good reason. Partly because I have a job online doing a little social media for 1 company and the other reason is that I recently started studying (online).
I am enrolled and studying Health and Nutrition for 6 months (only been 3 weeks so far),

This course seems like a natural progression of my life and lifestyle... slowly over the years, months,  and weeks we (us as a family) have been more and more conscious of what we eat and how we treat our bodies (creams, deodorant etc..)  and our surroundings.
It was time to stop trying to find info online (frustrating when information seems to conflict) and actually get down to the nitty gritty.
Its only been 3 weeks of studying so far but its been terrifying and amazing. There are days when my brain feels so full it wants to explode and leak out onto my keyboard but after a good nights sleep I am able to get back to fulling it up again.

So I hope with this brief window into my life you will get a glimpse of me still here - behind the computer screen (missing you) and that I still instagram and update the facebook fan page and twitter.
So you can check up on me if you miss me too (or want to spy on me, lol)

I do still have some competitions lined up so there will be more posts periodically...but the cooking and photographing is much more sporadic (think avo on toast for dinner most nights as I try to cram in another hour of studies)


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  1. Avo on toast is good! Avo in a chocolate is also good ? :-) (slightly off tack!)


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