Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Energy Oat Bars

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So creating the life you want starts with making positive choices everyday. One of them being what you chose to put into your mouth (pep talk to myself here too). These aren't THE perfect health bar ever created but they are a great alternative to many other sugar laden sweets that you can buy in the store. If my kid or husband wants to munch on sweets I feel better having a batch of these in the
fridge for them to have as an afternoon snack or as a lunchbox treat or even post run.
They taste like peanut brittle but have no peanuts in them- I swear (major nut allergy in our house).
You can tweak them to your taste by adding your favorite flavours of dried fruit and nuts and by adding protein (chia seeds and hemp seeds) you have make them a great work out snack. 

They are: 
Refined sugar free
Easy to make

energy bar, lunchbox, clean eating, work out snack, jerf, raw, betty bake, oat bars,

yields: +/- 20 bars

2 cups of dried dates

3 heaped Tablespoons Sunflower Seed butter
Pinch of salt
6 - 12 Tablespoons water

1 and a Half Cups of Gluten Free Oats
Half a cup of pan toasted sunflower seeds
50 grams of dark chocolate (70% or darker) - chopped up
Half a Cup of pumpkin seeds
A small handful of pecan nuts chopped

(optional extras): hemp seeds, chia seeds, cashew nuts, dried apricots or figs etc... 

Add the first 3 ingredients into your blender jug and pulse then slowly add the water a few spoons at a time until you have a thick paste when blending.
Add all the dry ingredients to a bowl and dump the the gooey date mix from the blender on top.
Mix all the ingredients together with a large spoon until everything has been incorporated or mixed through - if your mix is to wet add more oats until desired consistency is achieved.
Line a medium to large dish with wax paper and place the mixture on top.
Press into a 2 cm thick slab and place in the fridge until firm (roughly 2 - 4 hours) or leave overnight.
Take out and cut into bars
Place into an air tight container and place back in the fridge

shelf life/ fridge life +/- 5 days OR alternatively place in the freezer for it to last up to 6 weeks

I never know how to end off my blog posts..? hugs? warm happy thoughts?
I don't want to sound silly but also I don't want to sound formal... Im wanting to convey happy, positive vibes - but do I just say that?

what would you say?


  1. I really need to try your recipe. Thanks for this. I'm planning to make some because were going camping for a few days and energy bars are really great snack while hiking.

  2. I have made my own nut free granola bars - absolutely delicious BUT they melt if its a hot day as I bind them with coconut oil. ( My own invention : raw oats and lasts blended in a blender mixed with cut up dried apricot, small raisins, cinnamon and shredded coconut, sunflower seeds & chia seeds and melted coconut oil. Pressed in a pan , then in freezer for 30min) Cut up with sharp knife and conserve in fridge. ALL the kids & teachers loved them. Will try your recipe, thx so much


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