Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love the Change

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Life has this way of changing and growing - if you let it.
Often we are stubborn and fight it all the way. We don't want to give up the sugar or the dairy or we simply blame the other person for our anger - cause it was definitely their fault for causing us to lash out! But whether they instigated it or not we still need to take responsibility for our actions or behavior. 

When we accept change and the fact that we don't have life figured out then the beautiful stuff can happen. We can dig deeper and work on the imperfect person inside. We can see what really is deep down inside causing us to eat a bunch of chocolate after a stressful day or for saying nasty stuff to ourselves. (We are our worst critic at times)

I have been learning more and more about myself and its AMAZING what is buried deep in our minds and hearts. Silly little lies that we tell ourselves over and over... like you're to fat OR you need to be perfect and have it all figured out before anyone will listen to you. (our mind is pretty powerful)

I never thought that I would have to discover myself all over again at 34. I really thought that I had life perfectly sorted out and that I could keep building my empire. Boy was I wrong. But its ok. the fact that  I know that I'm not perfect and Im willing to keep working and changing is a great place to be.

I no longer dread getting out of bed in the morning (that feeling sucks right?) and I no longer wish my week away -- always looking forward to Friday (although weekends are great). But I enjoy each and everyday. Its weird - I used to be the girl that loathed Mondays, always needed a coffee to get through the day and only lived for the weekend or evenings in front of some series. Im not that person any more - I no longer drink coffee, I give myself me time every day and I enjoy every day - even if my schedule is crazy busy- I always find the time to focus on me.  

I'm still working on me, studying, changing and accepting the REAL me. AND I've come so far, I've realized a WHOLE bunch about myself  :)
I have changed and grown and love myself so differently now!

I love feeling more and more like myself. I know truths about myself that I didn't even suspect were there buried deep inside - I no longer dread what may be beneath the surface of my personality - I actually now dig and look deep to find what and who I am. I embrace the change - I love it!

Its the best discovery ever!

Its weird but so great to see the 360 degree turn around.

Just thought I'd share whats happening in my world - hope that didn't freak you out to much!

Happiness and love

I know this isn't a recipe post and things on this blog have been changing - I hope that you will embrace the change along with me. But if this isn't for you I understand. There will be recipe posts but maybe a bit less than before- Im still working it out.


HEY THERE :)  Betty Bake is my blog but my real name is Bernice. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Im on a journey to self discovery and loving myself. Currently becoming a Health and Wellness Coach. If you would like to work with me please email me:

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post .. I loved you in my tummy .. I loved you when I was showing you off in your new blue pram.. I loved watching you grow up.. I loved you as you glowed on your wedding day .. I loved watching you grow as a wife and woman. I loved seeing you pregnant and loved seeing you hold your new born baby after a brave home birth.
    Shew! amazing.. I loved watching you as a mom to your daughter..I loved watching you as a photographer a friend an adviser ..walking in wisdom.amd strength ..And now I'm loving watching you as you study and develope your passion and most of all I love being your mom. I'm loving watching you dig deep and discovering yourself. You make me proud and you add value wherever you go. Never apologise for your contribution or opinion. Love you beautiful Bernice. x x


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