Monday, January 18, 2016

One SMALL word to create change

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I wrote this blog post for when you're feeling motivated BUT you ALSO want change...  Its the DIY of how to help yourself get from feeling to doing.

Ever felt really chuffed with yourself for feeling all motivated? I have! We feel like change is around the corner, we can feel it with every part of our being... then after a day or two OR a week or two it fades. Which kind of sucks.... Have you ever wandered what to do with that motivation AND how to help yourself make it work for you?

It all starts with a change in mindset - you see feeling motivated is not an action.

I know as a human being we (myself included) like to stop at the feeling... example: feeling motivated to go for a walk is very different to ACTUALLY GOING and doing the walk. But I really like that I felt motivated to want to do it (10 points for me - wink)

Monday, January 4, 2016


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It occurred to me that there are only 52 weeks in the the year and therefore only 52 Mondays, 52 Tuesdays, 52 Wednesdays etc (you get my point). So that would mean that I could harness this power of pattern that the working world (calendar) has put before me to pick one day of the week and decide to work on a skill, or desire I want to make happen.

It seems silly that I have only just realized the power of this. I mean I have always had the same 52 weeks every year right? but this year it dawned on me - lets say I pick every Monday to write for 30 minutes (I mean just 30 minutes, once a week) sounds doable. That means I would get in 50 sessions of writing (I took out 2 weeks because you know - life happens).

So back to the 50 sessions.
Lets do the math: 50 session x 30 minutes = 25 hours. 

25 hours of doing something consistently is nothing to sneeze at.