Friday, February 19, 2016


Im THAT mom - you know the kind that other moms roll their eyes at.

Can my kid have a play date at your house? umm maybe... but I'll send her food. Why you may ask? because my kid's gluten-free, dairy-free and eats organic food.  - Do you have organic carrots and organic fruit at your house? Sadly most don't.

Moms look at me as if Im crazy - I try to tell them as politely as possible that I would like to send my childs food - they almost always look at me like I have a big fat crazy thing coming out my head! yes
its true--- and every now and then I get a aww shame your poor child , can't she have x just this one time? (mostly its can't she just have a hot dog or pizza this one time!) Hotdog??? and you kidding me? I know what is in that hot dog - do you? Let me give you the short version--- hormones (not any good ones) , preservatives, chemicals and a bunch of other nasties! Nah I'll skip it.

Then there's the kids parties - It seems that its still perfectly acceptable to fill our kids with sweets and wonder why they are running around screaming like drug jacked up thugs?!?!?! And the moms sit around talking about how they don't know what to do with their little one as they won't listen or how they can't wait for them to go to bed...? This really perplexes me! (sugar is not going to help your child concentrate or calm down) there is plenty of evidence out there for this one.

Im THAT mom who: doesn't let me kid have the birthday cake at other kids parties (i do make a gluten-free, low in sugar version for my kid - cause Im not that cruel)


My kid has a lunch box filled with only fruit and veg (maybe a boiled egg or piece of chicken some days)  - but no sweets. But sometimes some really dark chocolate (she loves it). Is my kid happy about this - most of the time. There are days of questioning mom why can't I have hot dogs? and we talk about it. I am ok with being THAT mom , you know the "mean" mom... you know why? because Ive been the cool mom BUT had a child who had asthma and chest infections which turned into bronchitis and was told by doctors that my child may need to be on 3 ashtma pumps a day plus some kiddies steriods for the rest of her life but may out grow it or may not!Seeing my child sick like that - No thanks.

So I'd rather be THAT mom until my child is in her late teens - maybe 16 and then hopefully we'll transition into this is your body what you put into it is your choice. And I pray the work of health and wellness will be grounded enough for her to test out the nasties and the side effects by herself with good results. But in the mean time Im totally ok with being THAT mom


  1. Maybe our children wouldn't have a shorter projected lifespan if there were more moms like you -- y'know, more of THOSE moms!! ;)

  2. I hear you loud and clear on this. It's like 90% of parents, schools and kids events are focussed on impairing kids health and think supporting their development at a fragile period in their lives is ridiculous. I think they are ridiculous and you are really the cool mom - the one who cares enough and puts in the extra effort for your child to grow up strong, in every way!

  3. Love this! I'm that Dad. Exactly. Bake it and bring it along. Good stuff. Thank you! Cheers

  4. Though my kids had always healthy lunchboxes, I have been a bit too relaxed on sweet stuff and ignorant when they were young. I wish I'd known what I know now. Great article!