Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lets Holiday: 6 Things to Look for When Booking Accommodation

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Lets play a game of - DAYDREAM: Holiday EDITION... Sounds fun and distracting doesn't it?
We are at that part of the year where Christmas was too long ago, that the relaxed feeling has long rubbed off and Easter isn't quite close enough to be in reach of holiday relief! (do you know what I mean?)

But instead Im going to distract myself with pretty pictures of accommodation and ideas of what could be and Im going to start booking some accommodation for later in the year now.
So please join me on this mini post of holiday bliss and my crazy list criteria of what I need (from accommodation) to book time away.
Maybe you are not as picky as me - Maybe all you need is a tent and a patch of dirt... me I just can't!

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RULE 1:  Pictures
I need to see pictures! Im one of those people that when we book time away - I need to see photos of the decor, furniture and kitchen. If I can't see myself relaxing in the spot (with decor that I like) it definitely a no-go from me.
I sound crazy (don't I?) but I just know it won't be nice for me and holidays are meant to be nice AND relaxing after all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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For those of you who follow my social media platforms you will have seen that I planned and created my daughters 13th Birthday Party.... and if you know me even a little, you will know that we host 2 parties on the SAME day for the birthday girl. Why you may ask?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

BLOGGING or not so much

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I have been dragging my feet about this blog and a lot of things lately. Im not sure why.

I think in some way its not serving me anymore. You see I love interaction with people.

I like to post but haven't posted because food blogging is labor intensive

It looks something like this:
methodically writing down a recipe(making sure to double check your measurements,
taking photos and editing them,
typing out the recipe,
writing an intro,
tagging the post for search phrases for google
and finally pushing PUBLISH.

AAAAND then *crickets* or the odd comment of yum (thanks random people who comment YUM but not very interactive).

You see Im not seeing the reward that I was hoping for. I have managed to grow a teeny tiny following on twitter, Instagram, snapchat and Facebook for this here blog but I seem to have even started publishing less on those platforms to. Its strange really  - Am I going through a shift into something else?
I studied to me a health coach but its not that either.... I am properly freaked out by my lack of clear guidance of what I should actually be doing. I do still love food (just so you know). Although the kinds of food i eat now are WAY different from where this blog started. Just go back through my old recipes from the beginning of this blog and you will find dairy and eggs and sugar!! WHAT!???
Our lives are now filled with foods that are made from scratch, contain no sugar, no dairy or eggs and are still gluten-free. We eat nothing (not a thing) that is refined. We have transitioned into being vegan (so far, so good) can't promise how long we will stay vegan but 2 months already and very happy. Myself and the husband are grain-free too. Its crazy really!
Maybe I feel like everything on here is no longer a reflection of how we eat.
We eat so differently the old posts feel weird to me.

But this is just me putting fingers to my keyboard and thinking through something I haven't a clue about.

Please know that if you are reading this post, thank you for listening to my rambles.

UPDATE: August 2017 no longer vegan BUT still staying with doing no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no legumes, no beans, no grains, etc. I noticed my husbands thyroid symptoms and energy needed some help and by adding a little organic, free range meat has helped... We are still predominately plant based.