Thursday, February 2, 2017

BLOGGING or not so much

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I have been dragging my feet about this blog and a lot of things lately. Im not sure why.

I think in some way its not serving me anymore. You see I love interaction with people.

I like to post but haven't posted because food blogging is labor intensive

It looks something like this:
methodically writing down a recipe(making sure to double check your measurements,
taking photos and editing them,
typing out the recipe,
writing an intro,
tagging the post for search phrases for google
and finally pushing PUBLISH.

AAAAND then *crickets* or the odd comment of yum (thanks random people who comment YUM but not very interactive).

You see Im not seeing the reward that I was hoping for. I have managed to grow a teeny tiny following on twitter, Instagram, snapchat and Facebook for this here blog but I seem to have even started publishing less on those platforms to. Its strange really  - Am I going through a shift into something else?
I studied to me a health coach but its not that either.... I am properly freaked out by my lack of clear guidance of what I should actually be doing. I do still love food (just so you know). Although the kinds of food i eat now are WAY different from where this blog started. Just go back through my old recipes from the beginning of this blog and you will find dairy and eggs and sugar!! WHAT!???
Our lives are now filled with foods that are made from scratch, contain no sugar, no dairy or eggs and are still gluten-free. We eat nothing (not a thing) that is refined. We have transitioned into being vegan (so far, so good) can't promise how long we will stay vegan but 2 months already and very happy. Myself and the husband are grain-free too. Its crazy really!
Maybe I feel like everything on here is no longer a reflection of how we eat.
We eat so differently the old posts feel weird to me.

But this is just me putting fingers to my keyboard and thinking through something I haven't a clue about.

Please know that if you are reading this post, thank you for listening to my rambles.

UPDATE: August 2017 no longer vegan BUT still staying with doing no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no legumes, no beans, no grains, etc. I noticed my husbands thyroid symptoms and energy needed some help and by adding a little organic, free range meat has helped... We are still predominately plant based.



  1. Betty - I so get you about the blogging thing. It takes time and moreover commitment to post at least once a week, or maybe twice a week - cos that is the only way one can gain traction. And then - oh do I hear you about the whole interaction thing. South African audiences have not yet cottoned onto the whole interactive-ness of a blog. Despite the fact that bloggin has been around for so long now. The people in the States are so good at that - but even those are time consuming conversations.
    I personally think that you should not stop blogging. Maybe change your whole blog brand, name and philosophy to match your new eating lifestyle. It will be a bit of a schlep for starters, but with the kinda understanding, knowledge and experience that you have gained, you should be out there sharing it far and wide, puutting it out there. It's a new way of living, a new paradigm that you have successfully bought into and which is slowly gaining global traction. But there is a wide global audience that are hungry for this type of information and guidance.
    And, I don't think that type of food blog should be about the recipes and the images of what you made etc - rather you have a story to tell, a story that would encourage others to think about that new way of eating/being. A story which will encourage others who want to go that route, but are struggling with the ' How to's" that need support etc. Support that you are in an experienced position of giving them. You don't need hectic recipes and visuals for that, just fingers with which to type your story.
    Tell you history of how you got there, your experiences that lead to you it, the transition phases, the ups and the downs, what it has meant to you, what it has done for you and your family etc. The benefits to you and all - then tell what you learnt about the different foods, their value, their dangers etc etc. there is so much lying right there with in you to give out. In other words, tell the story of your journey thus far and going forward.
    Maybe think of taking on a pro bono client, and record her coaching history in blog articles. That will be her way of repaying you for your services. Record her journey online.
    there is so much to be done via online marketing - Face book live recording that you could post up, video tutorials, teach a workshop online etc etc.
    YOu are sitting on a potential pot of gold. It's just a case of how do you make it work for you. And if you ask that question long enough, the answer will rise up from within or confront you in the form of this comment from me.
    Good luck and don't give up completely. Set no expectations on the end result in terms of the blog because if you do, you will be disappointed. Remember when Julia told her daily story online recording it as it if it an online journal, about her cooking escapades with the other Julia's cookbook. She had no expectations of any sorts, not even anticipating that others were keeping up with her journalling. And Ultimately, blogging is meant to be online journalling. Only now it has become a marketing tool as well and the power of journaling has been renegaded to the back seat.
    gotta go
    Cheers and good luck. Hope to be able to keep up with you online.
    Fondest Rose

    1. Thank you Rose for this beautiful and encouraging comment. Wow and you really took the time to write all that! thank you so very much! I hear everything you are saying and Im mulling it over in my head - mmmm some very interesting thoughts in there. THANK YOU Again! sending hugs! BB

  2. Hellooooo 😀 super well done on waving good bye to sugar and gluten! So wish I could achieve that. I hope you find your spot in the sun soon, I know you will!

    1. Thanks Marisa. You can totally do it! It just takes swopping out one thing at a time :)

  3. I hear you... I havent posted on my blog in over a year (or more) I often get very inspired but then so bummed and annoyed that I have to take awesome photos with good lighting and remembering exact measurements (Im the type to say add a handful of brocolli and a couple slices of bacon)... the editing actually takes me days. We also now have to go egg, nut, banana and chocolate (gasp) free!!! I mean, hells bells, how am I supposed to bake anything that is still low carb and gluten free without my fav ingredients?
    Aaaaanyway... Im not giving up yet, I just hear your pain!
    From a fellow (lazy) blogger

    1. Hi Caghrey - thanks for your comment. Blogging can be very time consuming. I hear you on having to give up your favorite ingredients... It takes some adjusting BUT you will be able to do it. You may sulk at times or feel sad but then after some experimenting you find something else that works and you celebrate that. I thought I would never be able to go with out chocolate (I used to eat it EVERY day) now I don't eat it at all. I feel the negative effects on my body when I do - so instead I honor my body and listen to it. I am worth looking after.
      Try swapping out nuts for seeds, egg for a chia egg in baking (google it), and chocolate well... that means we try other flavors like vanilla, caramel etc...
      Keep well


  4. Hi Betty Bake,
    I know exactly how you feel, I was an avid baker - I LOVE sweet things.
    Then I bought the "I Quit sugar Book" , gave up sugar for 33 days , felt FAB ( after getting through the awful detox period) but am now back on sugar !!!!
    My main reason for going onto your blog was to find healthy recipes for my 9 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with faecal loading. She has been in so much pain and although on laxatives for a few months, we need to follow a healthier diet.
    Ironically I am a health coach to a few woman and I understand the daily struggles.
    Don't feel stressed if your blog is not always up to date or perfect. You are genuine and thats what people relate to .
    Saw your article in my copy of Woman & Home and am dying to try your Sweet Potato Choc cake. Can't find the recipe though. Keep up the great work. x

    1. Hi Lara - thank you for your comment (and your other comment you left on my recipe post for bars.) So sorry to hear about your daughter.
      Thanks for tracking down my blog. Sorry you can't find my sweet potato chocolate cake recipe... Here we go:

      Keep up on your search for healthy recipes and making healthy for yourself and your family.

      Please feel free to reach out any time


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