Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lets Holiday: 6 Things to Look for When Booking Accommodation

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Lets play a game of - DAYDREAM: Holiday EDITION... Sounds fun and distracting doesn't it?
We are at that part of the year where Christmas was too long ago, that the relaxed feeling has long rubbed off and Easter isn't quite close enough to be in reach of holiday relief! (do you know what I mean?)

But instead Im going to distract myself with pretty pictures of accommodation and ideas of what could be and Im going to start booking some accommodation for later in the year now.
So please join me on this mini post of holiday bliss and my crazy list criteria of what I need (from accommodation) to book time away.
Maybe you are not as picky as me - Maybe all you need is a tent and a patch of dirt... me I just can't!

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RULE 1:  Pictures
I need to see pictures! Im one of those people that when we book time away - I need to see photos of the decor, furniture and kitchen. If I can't see myself relaxing in the spot (with decor that I like) it definitely a no-go from me.
I sound crazy (don't I?) but I just know it won't be nice for me and holidays are meant to be nice AND relaxing after all.

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This kitchen gets a YES from me. Neat and pretty. 
RULE 2: Food (or how am I going to eat?)
There has to be a nice kitchen. Well because I know Im going to be cooking (with our eating plans eating out is interesting. Read: not going to happen). Plus I love making food and I get excited at the idea of creating food in a new, pretty surrounding. AND Then sitting in a new spot and eating and chatting --- kind of like dining out if I think about it ;)
How cute is the little kitchen above?

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Reading on this bed - aaah, I can just imagine how soft it is.
RULE 3: Comfort
So its safe to say that going away equals sleeping in a foreign bed. So beds should be clean with plain, beautiful bedding and a crisp feel. Also you don't want to feel like you're staying in someone else's bedroom so no photos of people in the room staring at you or anything to personal - I prefer no ornaments etc. This room is clean, neutral, neat and has a fireplace (yay warm and cosy winters) plus beautiful sunlight streaming in - BONUS! I think I definitely need to try this place (check out the bathroom in the pic below)

bath, bathroom, tiled, dark, interior, herringbone, mirror, lights, opulent, pretty, style, holiday, betty bake, accommodirect,

RULE 4: Relaxing
Opulent bathrooms are definitely a thing for holidays. I think because with busy lives we sometimes tend to not take long baths or relaxing showers during our busy schedules, because life is just so busy! I do try to do this during regular life as self care is important but I think we definitely appreciate long baths and the no time constraint on our schedules that we have on holidays. Hello pretty bathroom above.

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RULE 5: Fire or Water
For me the holiday should have at least one of these elements. Either a fire place I can sit and relax in front of (a braai/BBQ is great too) OR Water to swim in, canoe on or look at - think river, lake, swimming pool or jacuzzi. BOTH and the place is a definite winner in my books.

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RULE 6: Flow
Flow between the rooms and outdoors is important.  I love the feeling of opening some doors or windows and letting nature in. The breeze blowing while I nap or read and sunlight warming me on my skin. I want to feel like nature is part of my relaxation and NOT holed up in a dark room with tiny windows and no air (traffic noises in the back ground - eeek!) - now that sounds like office life, no thanks.

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This isn't really a rule but an idea of a larger holiday when you want more than just your little family unit. Maybe its with family or maybe it with friends but its a bigger gathering!

I dream of a large family holiday with my parents, my brothers and their wives plus kiddies and my family unit all together. Cooking for them and sitting around a huge table chatting, laughing, eating and drinking and just being us.
Side Note: We are 8 adults and 5 children and finding affordable accommodation for all of us and coordinating our schedules isn't easy. (so hit me up in the comment section if you know of any golden unicorns of places for us in the western cape.) 

I really hope you enjoyed this escape from reality with me.
All photos are from www.accommodirect.com and they have 10 000 listing for holiday properties around South Africa. Maybe go check them out and see if you can find some dream holidays for your family over there.

Thank you for reading this post. It is posts like these that keep www.bettybake.co.za going. All opinions are my own and are no way affected by the sponsor. I was given cart blanche to write and talk about what ever I wanted and did just that!

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