Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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So you mindlessly shove another dorito chip into your mouth,  Im mean who cares, you're busy and you don't have time for specially crafted meals - who really does now a days? I need to collect a dozen things from the shops, tick off my to-do list and then in a few hours..,, who am I kidding - quite a lot of hours, plop my bum in the couch and zone out on series and take out....
I feel myself justifying my need to do nothing - I deserve to zone out and stuff my face - life is busy. This 21st century women vibe can be a lot to pull off. And being Martha  Steward is a whole other thing to add to the game of supreme women rocking the world vibes that I need to master.... Another day maybe?

PEP TALK: Women vibes and self love and self care can be hard to priorities some times - but at the very base of self care and self love is the basic need to feed our bodies and give it rest.
Food is a means to an ends - just like sleep. But this one simple ritual that provides our body with fuel can either poison us or make us thrive. Yes you read that right -eating can be either kind or cruel.


Start with organic/pesticide free - food sprayed with pesticides disrupt our hormones and other things in out body cause disarray and us feeling less than great!

Pick fresh where possible - simply giving our bodies fresh food as often as possible can help our bodies get the natural vitamins it needs, as well as help the detoxification pathways - (think glowing skin and healthy hair)

Be intentional - eating intentionally can have a big impact on our self worth - the subliminal triggering of the mind that we really do care does help our self esteem and self love which results in happy feelings and a positive outlook. yay to a happy mindset and body

These 3 little things can help clear your mind, invigorate your body, help with detoxing and start you on a path of beautiful health and love for yourself. Try it just for a few days and tell me what you think.

This has nothing to do with January or trying out a new diet, I think it has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and that can start whenever you want.


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