So imagine a house near the sea, about 2 roads from the beach in a small-ish town. 
Its the blue skies and salty sea air smell that I wake up to each morning in summer and its stormy and grey with clouds in winter. But no matter what the weather each morning I sit outside and drink a freshly made smoothie under the pink blooming hibiscus tree that leans over my front porch. I often wish I could sit there all day and watch all the people leaving for work and school... driving in their cars as they speed off to life. But alas no ones life is THAT perfect that they have nothing to do but sit around ;)

So once I have enjoyed my drink off I go inside to check my emails, clean the dishes (not my favorite but must be done) and write this blog. Of course I have lifting to do and school work to over see (1 x kid), coaching to do (qualified CNTC health and transformational nutrition coach) food to cook and house to sort out. But its in the cooking and healthy living that I share here on this blog.

I try to read a lot of online articles to do with health. I believe that what you put in  (to your body and life) is what you get out. So refined foods and sugar is to a minimum. Fresh, organic (where possible) and natural is what we use to create our food. Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Corn-free and preservative free.

BUT life has to have CHOCOLATE :) so I buy the best I can afford (organic where possible) and enjoy in moderation.

Oh in our house besides me is: a husband, a kid, 2 dogs and a cat. Which all makes life pretty interesting and silly :)

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Everything on this blog is original. Meaning it was created, written, photographed and made by myself (unless otherwise specified). So if you would like to use anything please ask.

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