In Just 60 Days you can make a change in your health and feel better in your own skin!

You know you need to make a change to improve your health but don't know where to start  

- Feeling overwhelmed about giving up gluten and dairy
- Feel like you would have nothing delicious to eat if you did?
- When shopping and deciding what to cook seem like an impossible task AND the cookie monster is calling your name!
- The grocery store seems like a nightmare of products you can't eat
- The weight won't budge.
- You are tired and a good nights sleep seems like a luxury.
- Your skin, hair and nails have seen better days.

If you love to eat delicious food but don't want to feel like you are giving up everything. Beautiful meal ideas and hands on relief on knowing what to do next. 

Health Coaching

  • Step by step meal ideas and preparation 
  • Knowledge on which products have hidden gluten and diary and how to avoid them
  • Problem solving specific to you and your families food allergies
  • You'll be guided about which foods are best for you and how to help you make delicious food.
  • Recipe ideas
  • You will be able to ask questions
  • Together we'll sort out your cravings and get your energy back
  • Clients from all over the world meet up with Bernice via skype
  • First hand experience of your  "how will I live with out x?" 
  • There even can be cake (yip you read that right) - you just need the right recipe 
  • No matter what eating preference (vegan, paleo, banting etc...) we can make a plan to get you to thrive in your body.
  • Better sleep
  • Skin, hair and nails that thrive and grow

What Others have to say about working with Bernice

"Because of my autoimmune condition and the fact that I know a lot about food, I seemed to be struggling with too much information and with food becoming a very loaded area – not fun. Through the coaching process, this lessened a lot and I don’t obsesses about the right food and the wrong food anymore. This is very freeing!" - Jacqui Simpson

"I don't get flagging energy levels during the day anymore, definitely no crashes!" - Angie Morrison

" I lost 3 KGS and 2% body fat ( according to the fancy scale) in the 2 months we worked together!" - Angie Morrison

" I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody and everybody that will listen! You're honest, knowledgeable and easy to talk to." - Angie



First Free Skype call to discuss your symptoms and ask questions.


Bernice Griffiths CTNC is a qualified Transformational Health Coach, having studied with The Institute of Transformational Nutrition in Los Angeles, USA and is a TCM Certified Coach with The Health Coach Institute. 
Having given up gluten, dairy and refined sugar and is walking a transforming journey of health and healing for her own body and that of her family members. After seeing such change was encouraged to help others. She is still exploring and learning on an ongoing basis and has found an area of health that she loves specifically women's health.


Coaching Delivery Method: 

  • Chat via skype and email.
  • a +/-30 min call once a week
  • We'll have FUN

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