Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's the little extras that count - pumpkin seeds

Have you ever noticed those extra flavors that just seem to turn a dish from OK to wow! or from nice to pure comfort food and you can't seem to stop eating!!!

Well i decided to do a write up on one of the little bits of greatness that just adds that little something extra to my dishes :) what is it you may ask??? it is a very small thing and often over looked called the pumpkin seed. Most people are probably thinking please and rolling their eyes... you probably think it should be something great like garlic or Parmesan cheese or olives - you know something great!

But in all seriousness the pumpkin seed is very healthy for you and has mounds of flavour once toasted in the oven. Although you can eat them raw the flavour turns nutty once toasted. and just adds that punch.
My favorite thing to do is toast them in the oven with a spoon full of honey - stirring occasionally and watching like a hawk that they don't burn.

Add to salads or Garnish soups. Especially good added to biscuit mixes or health bars and lovely mixed with dried raisins and eaten as a snack.

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