Thursday, August 27, 2009

quick suppers - the story of my life, well at the moment...

So life is busy busy busy... Today i had my usual walk on the beach to start the day :) yippee for me being healthy then i rushed home after a quick cup with my mom and dad at the local coffee joint. changed from Walking shoes and gear into clothes that are decent to be seeing out for non-athletic activities. Rushed over to a coffee appointment at friends then straight off to fetch my daughter from school. Off to the local mall to pick up wrapping paper for the party my daughter is attending. Home to wrap party present and get daughter dressed for dress-up party. she went as a lady-bird. then sit at party for roughly 1 and a half to 2 hours talking to other moms. rush home get changed into prettier clothes and wash hair to go out with the husband to watch GI JOE and then come straight back to relieve babysitting granny and make supper for my husband and me.... by now it is 8 - 8.30 pm and i really don't want to do something long and hard when i am tired so todays quick meal was:

Creamy scrambled eggs with mushrooms and fried baby tomatoes
1) Start off by putting 8 - 10 small cocktail tomatoes into a heated and oiled pan and fry on low heat with a little salt and a tiny amount of sugar until tender and the skin is braking and half coming off then put then in a bowl
2) now chop mushrooms and put in the same pan and fry lightly with salt and garlic and herb spice then add them to the tomatoes in the bowl to sit
3) break 4 eggs in a jug add a little bit of milk and some salt and mix with a fork until the whole mixture is yellow then put in pan and randomly stor on low heat every few minutes.
once cooked through.
Serve Egg on plates with mushrooms and tomatoes and some sliced avo and toast


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  1. hey hey! sounds like a plan for Sunday night dinners!


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