Monday, September 7, 2009

camping and the weekend away

Well it wasn't exactly camping - more like a chalet on the Goukou river but it was braaing. Located on an organic veggie farm we were allowed to pick vegetables of our choice for ourselves to braai or cook with. Fresh veggies are so delicious and i think that we don't know what we are missing having bought store bought vegatables most of our lives - they are just not as tasty and good. My husband and daughter just loved them (me too) and the flavours so diverse and immense it has urged me to plant more vegetables of my own. (i occasionally grow my own baby tomatoes). Looking for easy vegatables to grow i have opted for peas, broccoli, potaoes, sweet potaoes and .... mmmm maybe green beans. Lets hope they grow easily enough.

so from those really cool and delicious vegetables on the farm i made veggie parcels out of foil - inside them i  put the veggie combos of my choice with olive oil, salt and pepper and herbs :)
Put on the hot coals of the braai and turn often - enjoy with your meat of choice on the braai.
And of course don't forget a good salad and a glass of wine for the hubby :)


  1. hi i'm new here - that looks fantastic - think i will become a regular visitor (if thats ok)

  2. yes plse become a regular visitor - i like visitors and bring friends if you like :)


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