Monday, September 14, 2009

my list of cooking and wants

i really need to write more often :)

so what have i been cooking lately you may ask and what has been on my mind? well.....

1) i made homemade burgers last night with free-range beef (hormone free)
2) i've made homemade chicken and vegetable soup during the week and thinking about making it again tonight
3) i also made cream brulee with xylitol inplace of sugar
4) i made homemade vegetable crips again and tried some different flavours- butternut, beetroot, carrot and potatoe
5) i'm longing to bake cookies that are gluten free and sugar free but taste good - busy trying out recipes. When i find one that works i'll be sure to post it
6) i really want a juicer to start juicing my own healthy veggie and fruit drinks - but sadly they cost a fortune
7) i also want a water filter for my tap or an R.O (reverse osmosis) water unit to make my water more safe for drinking.

:) betty bake


  1. I also want a water filter for my tap.

    Creme brulee and homemade burgers - yum yum...Can i come live with you???


  2. ooo tempting but then they would be less for me :) mmmmm let me think about it :)

    water filter is a must - i'm going to get one sooner or later.

  3. Hey bee - I mentioned YOU and your blog on my blog today :)

    Chat soon x

  4. ooh Creme brulee is my favourite, how did it turn out with the xylitol?

  5. the creme brulee came out well with the xylitol - not even noticeable that is wasn't sugar :) will post the recipe soon :)

  6. You have a blog!!! It is YOU isnt it??? Wow, am going to be popping in regularly.

    I think its safe to say you have been hiding your bright light under a bushel, yes?

  7. hey Mel - yes it is me :)
    yes plse pop back often - i am a internet junkie so a blog seemed like a good way to go and i love to be creative and food is just nummy so combine the 3 and you have an internet food blog with photos....



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