Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Roast Chicken

MMMM the smell of roast chicken is sooo good. It has this nice homely smell that is just so comforting.
So for a Dinner or lunch that takes very little prepartion but a bit of waiting - here is the easy roast chicken and little potatoes.

For the Quickest Roast chicken and potatoes

1 x medium/large freerange, hormone free chicken
5 x medium carrots or parsnips
1 x packet of whole baby potatoes with garlic butter
 a little butter

1) Turn you oven to 180 degrees celcius
2) Wash your chicken inside and out under running cold water and then shack off to dry.
3) place in a oven proof large dish or roaster and season with lots of salt all over the skin
4) open the bag of baby potatoes and place all around the chicken and put a few in the body cavity
5) Brake the garlic butter that came with the potoes in half and place a piece on either end of the dish on top of the potatoes
6) Dot blobs of butter all around the dish
7) scrub and wash the carrots and then cut into long sticks and place on top of the chicken and potatoes
8) Spoon the butter back over the potatoes from the dish at 15 to 20 minutes intervals 
9) Place dish in the middle of the oven and roast for roughly an hour - check on the chicken at 40min and adjust your cooking time accordingly.

Chicken is cooked when crispy and brown on the outside and clear juices run out when inserting a knife into the thick part of the meat.

Serve you chicken, potatoes and carrots with a nice crisp salad for a nice lunch or dinner

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