Friday, October 23, 2009

shortbread cookie shaped biscuits

this is trial batch number 1 - quite a few of the biscuits broke so i ended up making stars

Today i had the pleasure of baking biscuits for my daughters class as tomorrow it will be her turn to be baker-lady for her class. this means she get to dress up and pretend to "sell" her baked goods to her friends in her class for a class fund raiser -which she is ever so chuffed to do. Easy peesy for my little one of 5 years old but not so easy peesy for mommy, as i am the one who has to produce the goods to sell.
Well you see my daughter is Gluten intolerent which means she can't have wheat flour or oats and 1 or 2 other things. So i had to bake something wheat-free which most baked things containing flour and are made out of ... - Wheat! So having done this wheat free thing for a while now (nearly a year). I whipped out my recipes and a packed of rice flour and started trying and testing and concocting biscuits recipes - 3 biscuit batched later.... here is my soft short bread biscuit recipe: Tip use a good quality rice flour that doesn't smell.( I used the brand Entice self raising Rice Flour. but still on the look out for a better brand as they use fructose in the self raising bag that i bought.)

3 Tablespoons Xylitol or Sugar
90 grams Butter (real butter and NOT margerine)
2 teaspoons caramel ess or Vanilla ess (which ever you prefer)
3 Tablespoons Corn Flour
2/3 Cup Rice flour or Wheat flour (if you can have wheat)


1) Beat together Xylitol, butter and Essence until smooth and fluffy.
2) Mix in corn flour amd rice flour and make into a ball
3) Roll out between 2 sheets of wax paper until 5 - 7 mm thick.
4) Cut into cookie shapes of your choice or roll into small balls and flatten with a fork
5) Place on a greased and lined baking tray and bake @ 150 degrees celcius for +/- 8 min or until light brown
6) take out and leave to cool before using with your choice of coloured icing

Enjoy with a good cup of tea or for a nice treat for the kids


  1. We have just made our second batch of these! I would suggest doubling quantities to anyone else who plans to try this recipe!

  2. Please tell me what an earth I did wrong! I attempted these biscuits last night as I have recently found out I can have NO gluten and NO sugar, and a treat like this would be a really treat! However, after doubling the ingredients, I sat with a VERY dry and incredible difficult mixture to even get to stick together. I added more butter, 2 eggs and some extra water, and finally got my dough to resemble what I think it should have looked like? However my poor biscuits were far from edible! Apart from being extremely dull and tasteless, I obviously needed more Xylitol, they were as dry as trying to swollow 5 maries in 1 minute! I needed a bucket of coffee to get 1 biscuit down? Now I am very urged to try again, but before I go and waste another set of ingredients please can you give me some key pointers, or maybe even a step by step guide, with photos even!!!! HAHAHAHA, no just kidding, but really something I did was terribly wrong! HELP PLEASE! xx

    1. HI Lee
      thanks for trying this recipe - I am so sorry they dodn't work out for you. first off I would say don't add eggs - this is a shortbread type of recipe and gets its yumminess from butter. Make sure you are using a 100% butter and not a make that has added extra oils or seems like butter but isn't. Then sometimes xylitol can give issues when baking so if you want it sweeter see if you can add some honey or agave syrup or agave sugar or more xylitol but just be careful with it. Maybe add less flour if its to dry or up your butter. don't add water!
      I hope this helps. Also take alook at this recipe it contains no sugar and it taster than you think
      please let me know how they turn out!

      Betty Bake x


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