Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tuesday and sick - yuk yuk

So i have been running around and have lots to do until Dec 12 - but today i can't get what i need to get done as i'm sick [cough, cough]. If blogs were audible things then i'd have no voice as my is slowly disappearing into nothingness :( so sad... but it does give me a moment to write on my blog - so happy YAY! i'm not supposed to be in today but out getting stuff and sorting stuff - it will need to be added to tomorrows list [mental note add todays things to tomorrows things and the next days things] anyway enough about me and my wimping.

I can use this time to gather my thoughts eg: Xmas is around the corner with December less than a week away. WOW! and i'm Thinking how i can achieve or make a wheat-free xmas cake. I can see it in my head now, gooey, stickey, moist and fruity... well lets hope it comes out as good :) raisins, cherries, sultanas..... cherries. I LOVE CHERRIES. sorry just got stuck there a moment. [drool]  some rice flour and butter, sugar and spices and we should be sorted. So adding that to my recipe index to try - probably a week before christmas.

what is the rest of the world upto? you are probably all working.... good luck with that :)

so anyways - i should go recover. But what to make for dinner with this little energy? - i think baked potatoes, I saw them as an idea on a bloggers page yesterday. Just wash them and grind salt over them and place in the oven at 200 degrees celcius for an hour or soo mmmm don't forget to turn half way. easy as pie - no even easier. please excuse the silly puns i think it maybe my medication [winks]

[cough cough] my throat hurts

Betty Bake


  1. Hope you feel better soon x

    I know i say this alot, but we really must hang out soon....ok? ;)

    I am so craving some xmas cake now....mmm...cherries... your blog is going to make me get fatter

  2. he he he you can't put on weight just thinking about it :)
    yes hang soon :) definately

  3. get well soon betty! maybe you can whip up something really delicious to make you feel better!

  4. thanks andy - I'm feeling much better now :)
    something delicious sounds good


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