Wednesday, December 2, 2009

count down to Christmas


So i added this cool new little count down thingy to my blog yesterday :) look to the right .... there we go - it's big and green and has lots of numbers :) i check it every now and then when my daughter says "mom how many sleeps is it till Christmas?"  and i can confidently say how many it is. It also reminds me how many days i have until all the presents need to be wrapped!! and that i must start thinking about putting up a tree! and that i must bake a christmas cake!!!! [breath i tell myself, breath] but then i also realise it is also how many days until i can look forward to having my husband home and how many days till i can relax and spend time quality with my family, eat lovely food and do fun relaxing stuff with them and then i realise my breathing isn't so hard any more and i have a faint smile on my face. I really do love Christmas


  1. I love christmas too - it really is an awesome time of the year. :)

  2. SO glad i'm not the only one who hasn't baked her Christmas cake yet!

    Am baking Gingerbread men today tho, one step closer!

  3. Shayne - wow gingerbread men - cool :) well done!

    Brazen - yes it is a lovely time of year :) hope to see you before christmas


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