Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting Breakfast -Soaked Oats with honey and Almonds

soaked oats with honey and almonds

Soaked rolled oats ummmm so it's a kind of strange thing to write about - abd this is how it started....
It came about after reading articles about soaking foods on the internet a few times (natural and very healthy, green people like to write about it) then I yet again read about it in an article in one of the health magazines -"soaking things to make them softer and easier for your body to digest". So it wasn't the first time I was reading about it and I'm sure it won't be the last time as more and more people are turning into "green bunnies" AKA health freaks - (just so you know i am one of them to - well kind of).Now this doesn't sound all that great but I was pleasantly surprised at the one that i tried out and discovered it was actually really cool!
It's so super easy and all that is required is some oats and some planning ahead of time :) Little extra things can make it even nicer like vanilla or berries etc.
RECIPE: All I did was take a soup/porridge bowl and half filled it with some nice organic rolled oats, then filled it up with filtered tap water until the oats were covered and had about 1cm(half an inch) of water on top. Added some blue berries and  then covered my bowl and placed it in the fridge over night. The next morning I took it out the fridge dished half for my husband into a bowl and added some chopped almonds and some honey and then we ate this nice cold bowl of oats in sweet silence while looking out at the view :)
i know cold oats sounds yukky - but it's not like cold porridge - it's not sticky and is soft as anything - very nice with blue berries and can be substituted for so many things. The next morning I had no more blue berries so I added ground vanilla and honey with a dash of cinnamon and some chopped up almonds.
*soak the almomds over night too in it's own container covered with water :) came out lovely. then chop and add to the oats.
It is summer here and this is great when the weather is warm out - I think in winter I'll stick to cooked and warm things - but today this is just ...perfect.

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