Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Seagulls on the beach  - end of the holidays

At the moment i am making lists and making sure the things on those lists get done. As tomorrow is the first day of school and i need to make sure my daughter has everything she needs to start the year off. I'm also thinking about school lunches and what cute healthy things i can put into her lunch box - (no sweets allowed) so i'm thinking little bunches of grapes and cheese cubes with biltong and a rice cake or two. Mmmmm I'm sure i'll come up with more combinations in the next few days - as i start to get myself out of holiday mode and into back to school mode- up early again for me.

Betty Bake

ps for those of you who have requested my pancake recipe it will follow in a day or 2 :)

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  1. Some ideas for lunches would be great - am sure my kids are tired of wholesome sarmies, cheddars, laughing cow cheese wedges, grapes and other fruit!


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