Monday, January 18, 2010


fruit salad

Weekends always go by so quickly... and mine rushed by in a whirl wind. I can remember something about a house warming/braai on saturday night and the rest is much of a blur... oh yes lunch at my parents on sunday - ok so it's slowly coming back to me now :) so here are a few of the things i can sort of remember as everything flew by so fast!

1) My daughter and i made fruit salad (delicious) with cream and yoghurt - I had the cream and she had the yoghurt.

2) braai at my brother and sister in laws house - so nice braaied beef sausage and lovely salads, potatoe salad, garden salad, cous cous :) mmmm

3) roast organic chicken with salad at my parents - very nice chicken i might add! Woolworths organic cooked chickens - but not all of their chickens are free range/organic so check with the person that helps you at woolies :)

so how was your weekend? Did you eat anything good? I am posting this so late on a monday night as i haven't stopped all day - the BLUR continues....... :)


  1. hmmm...I had some yummy bacon and banana pizza...

  2. I just found your blog now, through Michelle from glisters. I luv it, there are some really delish meals!! I am also a blogger from SA, Cape Town in fact and I have a fashion blog, thats how I know Michelle. Have a lovely day xx

  3. thanks fashion Jazz :)

    mmm brazen Pizza ..... i am now day dreaming - num num

  4. I made Sophia Loren's Parmigiana! I should eat more fruit salad...

  5. that looks beautiful! and I am sure it was delicious.

  6. nice recipe post Koek!

    Abigail - the fruit salad was very delicious :) and i likle your blog very much :)

  7. Busy days! I made "alfajores" which is sandwich of shortbread cookies and dulce de leche... ;)


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