Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday and Being Brazen Blogger Interview :)

Being Brazen
 I had the priviledge of being able to ask some questions to Being Brazen, who has a really cool blog with the same name :)
So even though my blog is called betty bake and is predominatley about food and a bit about my life, I thought it would be good to share the things that interest me, the various stuff i like and the people whose :) blogs i read - cause they make me happy or inspired.
Being brazen is one of those blogs i read almost daily. I look forward to reading her posts and the various things that go round in her head and end up on her blog - just too cute and witty and sometimes even inspiring :) someone who makes you smile is ALWAYS worth a read and my time. So here are the questions I asked her - I hope you enjoy reading them as much as i did.

Being Brazen said "If I was a food I'd be a .....big block of cheese "


The city I live in a beautiful place

I  Love much about my life
My favorite food is ..... pizza, mexican, lamb chops, fillet steak with mushroom sauce, mash potatoes, avocado, bacon, fish, cheese and salmon sushi.

My Staple food is .... cheese - without cheese I would have some serious withdrawals

My friends think I'm ....a unique snowflake

I totally rock at .... movie quizzes, being overly observant, rambling (its a gift) and  procrastinating

My style is....rather confused - but leaning toward a more classic style

My blog is about ...this and that

If I was a food I'd be a .....big block of cheese - beacuse i believe that you are what you eat ;)

My healthiest thing I eat is morning vitamin tablets

My main obsession is...blogging and writing.

My parents discovered I was crazy ....when i was very little and I freaked out when I thought the leaves blowing around on the ground had turned into evil green ninjas.

I realised I was different mom said I was just like the sloth from the movie " Ice Age"

If i could take 3 things with me to a desert island ....A fully stocked Yacht, My Boyfriend and a camera

My favourite read is.... Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen books.

My mood is best ....when i stop thinking so much and just relax

My blog address is.....

My readers are....beyond awesome

My wish for 2010 just to be deleriously happy


Being Brazen 


See isn't she witty and cute? I enjoyed that :)

Have a fabulous day. And let me know if you cooked something good :)

Betty Bake 


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  2. Thanks for the questions - this was fun :) *hugs*

  3. This was fun!

    Does baking 130 cupcakes - some with Winne the Pooh toppers adn the others with fluffy icing count as 'cooking something good'?

  4. wow shayne thats amazing - well done :) super awesome. do you a kiddies party? or what are they for?

    brazen - it's always fun with you - thanks

  5. I do whatever anyone wants ;)

    Mainly cupcakes - for any event really. the Winnie The Pooh ones are for my 4 yr old's party on Sat and the other and taste tester for a weddding n April. The icing drove me crazy - fluffy icing is not quite as easy as it is thought to be. Will do a blog post tho so watch out for it.

  6. Brazen is so damn cool, what a clever clever idea.

  7. thanks mel :)

    and shane i've started following your bog so will watch out for fluffy icing post :)


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