Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogger Land

Hi there all you bloggers and readers out there in Blogger Land. Sorry my blog hasn't been itself lately but I have run out of Megs or data for the month and now have to wait 5 days for the new megs etc... to come in for my account to be re-billed. Thankfully there is only 28 days in this month. So today I am at a place were I may use some internet to put this post up but I'll have to come up with more ingenious ideas in the next few days. Or otherwise I'll see you in March. Wow I can't believe I just said that - March 2010. time is flying! For me March is the month of my husband and I anniversary. So I will have to start thinking now of present ideas or special things to do for my special man :)

I will post a blogger interview soon by Lana of lanalou style and hopefully one by Simply Mel B. Also cake recipes to follow -as I don't have my recipes with me to type them out now. Sorry gals (and guys?)

Well happy Tuesday everyone. sorry I missed my weekend post yesterday. The weekend was really busy and to top it all off we were sick and THEN my husband had some nuts hidden in something he ate, so he had a big allergic reaction!!!! So i guess I'm just trying to recooperate.

well yay for tuesday!
hugs and smiles



  1. time is flying - its mad.

    see you soon x

  2. It is crazy to even think that 2 months is gone...
    See you back here soon.

  3. Hello : ) Hope u are well, sorry to hear about your internet problems, it happens to all of us : ) xxx


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