Monday, February 1, 2010


I've eaten so much salad recently
- that I'm turning into a bunny rabbit

Monday is back AGAIN!!! and i haven't caught up with myself yet. So just a quick caught up and a HI ALL :) and then I'm off to make birthday party invites for my daughter's 6th birthday party happening next weekend - the day before valentines day. So I really need to get my butt into gear. Buying stuff for the theme and organising the decor and deciding what to bake etc... I love it and I hate it all at the same time. I love doing it but I hate that I need to get so organised so soon or I will be in a flat frenzy by the time her party comes. Ok so th planning begins. Invites are number one on my list!

But back to what i ate and did this weekend:

Friday was nice with a rented DVD and a delicious chicken salad with pineapple and avocado and feta and delicious chicken and all the salad green goodies that go into a salad

Saturday had a lovely steak and salad supper with Being Brazen and her boyfriend and some of his family for Brazen's boyfriends birthday - It was delicious... Thanks Brazen and  Brazen's Boyfriend

Sunday was a lovely veg and salad and chicken lunch at my mom and dads house - thanks to woolworths and mom :) and sunday night I made more chicken salad - so I'm turning into a rabbit definately :)

Hope you are well and have had a good weekend. Did you do or make anything good? :) Let me know.

Happy Monday :)
Betty Bake


  1. I had alot of pizza....and also the yummy fillet steak you mentioned above

  2. I luv salad!! Its the best!! Glad to hear u had a good wknd, myne was really busy but lots of fun! xx

  3. I eat too much chicken too.

    I lvoe the photo you posted!

    My DH braaied and braaied and made gnocchi for us - so i cooked NOTHING!

    How wonderful for a change.

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  5. thanks the photo i took of my daughters rabbit - a last year or so... can't quite remember but she was very cute :)
    nice to not be the one cooking sometimes :) enjoy


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