Monday, February 15, 2010


 One of the cakes I baked for my daughters birthday party on saturday

Well to start off I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. I did, I also had my daughters birthday party the day before and all the preparation that lead up to that. So my weekend was pretty hectic. But I was lovingly helped and supported by my husband, my mom and my sister in laws :)

so here is some of the craziness:

Friday - Baked and Baked and baked and baked and then baked some more. then friday night went to start some of the setting up at my moms house (were the party was held) and then came home and iced and iced! went to bed after midnight.

Saturday - Woke up at 6am and you guessed it .... BAKED! then packed more stuff into boxes and headed off to my moms house to finish setting up and do the actual party which consisted of a morning party of 5 little girls from school and then an afternoon party of friends and family.
All this partying ran into the evening when my husband pulled me aside (while I was packing up WAY to slowly) to tell me he had made plans for us to go watch Valentines Day the movie and that we needed to get done or we'll miss the show - It was a surprise. Needless to say I hurried up! He also arranged for our daughter to sleep over at grans house (her bag was packed and already taken there) good man!  :)

Sunday - Breakfast made by the husband followed by a big bunch of Red Roses :) and then a walk on the beach... It was lovely. Then off to fetch our daughter and collect all the decor and things from the party and take them home.
Sunday afternoon consisted of lots and lots of packing things away and a little nap (well deserved I think)

So how was your weekend?

ps I will do a post of the decor and actual party food - just need to get life back in order and photos and recipes sorted out.


  1. Ooh that cake looks delish.

    sounds like all in all you had a very successful party which is always good affirmation for us moms.

    looking forward to seeing recipes and food!

  2. that cake looks divine! I used to bake when i was younger,but I have totally lost my interest in anything to do with the kitchen

  3. Sounds like such a lovely wknd and ur cake looks amazing!!! xx

  4. Oh betty, how i wish you could invite me over. i swear i'd taste everything! haha.


  5. Aaah thanks everyone :)
    Andy I wish we could meet and you would be welcome to taste all the nice things - But non of the flops :)



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