Monday, March 15, 2010

Pro X Games and Computer Crash

So my computer crashed about 10 days ago and I have been trying to get everything back up and running ever since between doing mommy stuff - so hence the lack of posts!
so here's an update on some of the things that have been happening:

Mountain Bike Trials - they balance on things and do crazy tricks!
1) Last weekend we went to the Pro-X Games and had a very hot and interesting time there spending all day from early in the morning till late after supper there Saturday and almost as long on the Sunday. So all of the weekend was spent in a sandy forest/sandy land kind of area trying to stay out of the sun and free of dirt but still enjoy watching all the extreme sports  - it was really cool.

There was lots more to see like: skate boarding, bmxing, motocross, FMX, and bands...

It was great fun to watch and it was a good excuse to sit around and eat picknik food that i had made. Even though it was really hot and dusty I still enjoyed the excuse to do nothing :) so blissful.

Since then I have cooked, baked cleaned and cleaned and run around like a chicken without a head. And I haven't even gotten to this current weekend we just had yet.... anyway hope you had fun the last two weeks.
Posting will commence as normal from today - which means hap hazard and odd as usual :)



  1. Watching those bike tricks would certainly work up an appetite. I love to eat, but I hate to cook -- haha!!! I am so excited to follow your blog though because you make cooking look almost fun!...So, I'm putting my mushy self into your talented cooking hands. I'm hoping that some of it will rub off. But I don't know -- 52 years old and have always hated cooking. Is there still hope for me???

  2. thanks brazen and Jan there is ALWAYS hope :)
    plse visit back soon to see if i can inspire you :)


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