Tuesday, March 23, 2010

THINGS I MADE or ATE THIS WEEKEND @ The Grand Daddy Hotel and Sevruga at the V&A Waterfront

So in South Africa yesterday (monday) was a public holiday and it was also mine and my husbands wedding anniversary - so that is why i never did a post. We had a great time and stayed at the Grand Daddy hotel on sunday night and woke up there on our anniversary on monday. It was gorgeous and so nice. Being our anniversary there was a lovely bottle of champagne in our room on arrival.

 our room at the Grand Daddy hotel

We had such a lovely room with little balconies off our bedroom and bathroom looking out over Long Street.

We had supper at Sevruga at the V&A Waterfront which was so delicious - I am sooo going back there. I had the slow braised lamb on polenta with onions and gravy (R99) superb and my husband had the chef's choice black sushi plate (R280) containing 29 pieces of sushi - he says it was delicious. We had a great time and our waiter was attentive enough to look after us but elusive enough not to bug us so we could talk. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera along - but I did want all my attention to be on my husband as we chatted the night away recalling our 11 years together. We did have a beautiful candle lit table for 2 with crisp white table cloth and each others eyes to stare into. It was a great evening :) I will definately be back to try out more of the menu.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotels restaurant and then checked out and walked around Cape Town and looked through some of the little side streets... we ended up back on Long Street and settled for tea at Lola's Cafe where I had the most delicious and freshest Pineapple juice I have ever had. Although the place is a little shabby - it's menu looked very good and the place was very quirky - I am going back to have more fresh juice and to try out the vietnemese spring rolls

Lola's Cafe Long Street.

We then decided to go to several places but due to all the traffic and other people also out on the public holiday we ended up driving around in circles and down streets for way to long and so decided to eat a late lunch at a Primi closer to home. We eventually stopped at one in Claremont outside Cavendish and as we were walking along the pavement a piece of the wall/cement cladding came falling down right in front of us - luckily there was a tree and some branches took the brunt of the cement! It was crazy - we were a mere 3 - 5 meters from were it all fell down. My husband and I were in total shock and we just kept saying to each other that we were lucky to be alive!!! wow is all we could say! It was a huge crash and then a cloud of dust. It made me wonder how insane it must be when an entire building falls down like in 9-11 with the twin towers falling. We were so blessed to have been 3 second later than when that plaster/cement fell or we would have been under it - easily the sheet was the diameter of a car. After taking a few photos and calming our nerves we eventually had a wheat-free pizza at Primi Piatti and then headed home to fetch our daughter from grandma.
A beautiful weekend wouldn't you agree? and a huge wake up call :)



  1. Wow, great blog! Love looking at all your food pics! I love Cape Town, best place in SA! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Looks fabulous B...Sounds like a truly fab anniversary :)

  3. Thanks Fiona :)

    thanks Brazen :) it was gorgeous and fun and oh so nice :)

  4. Looks like you had a great Anniversary! We're going for our 10th at the end of the year.


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