Thursday, March 25, 2010


So Today I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview by  the blogger Simply-Mel B. I so enjoy reading her blog about her life - about her kids and the sometimes the killer boots she buys or simply how she is taking a little holiday - she is quirky and fun to read but very real and sometimes says things I think but never have the courage to say :)

hope you enjoy her interview below


this is the pic Simply-Mel B sent me of herself :)

The city I live in ....feels like home. Nowhere else fits like Cape Town.

I love, funny people, dancing, seeing things through the eyes of my kids, shoes, lipgloss, nights in on the couch with my man.

My favorite food is mom's macaroni cheese.

The Best thing I can cook .....I try not to think about cooking. Ever. Not even for this question.

My Staple food is :-)

My friends think I'm .... fun. Honest. Loyal. And I am. Although the fun part sometimes needs topping up.

I totally Rock at ....finding excuses to avoid Pick n Pay.

My style is....not nearly as rocking as my 5yr old daughters'. She regularly rebukes my look!

My blog is about, myself and I. And the people I love. And the things they do and say. Its a commentary on my life. And each year is printed and bound into books for my family to keep.

If  I was a food I'd be …. sweet chilli sauce. Sweet with an occasional BITE!

My healthiest thing I eat is .... Pumpkin seeds.

I am 1 of 4 children

My obsession is...trying to keep the big things in focus and letting the little things go. Its about living and absorbing each day. Intentionally.

My parents discovered I was crazy when ....If they think I am crazy they are disguising it very very well...!

I've known I was different since....I told my best friend in Std 7 that she really did look fat in her favourite bubble skirt. In fact, I told her she looked like an overbaked meringue.

If i could take 3 things with me to a desert island ....Barry Hilton for comedy, Gerard Butler for,er, company and my laptop to tweet the experience.

My favourite read is....a magazine. I havent been able to really enjoy a novel since the Twilight Series. Sad but true. And I enjoy the variety of mags – the fact that I can read bits n pieces over weeks. In the car, in the bath, on the patio, in the loo. Novels tend to eat up my life – I can put them down!!

My mood is best ....when I get my own way. ;-)

My blog address

My readers are....entertaining, thoughtful, loyal, honest, conversational, intelligent.

My full name is......not in the phone book.

My wish for 2010 make it memorable.


See wasn't that fun :) I so enjoy reading her stuff - hope you will to.
Have a fabulous thursday.
Tomorrow is break up day for my daughter - yay for sleeping late and easter around the corner :)



  1. What struck me about mel is that what you see is what you get - in real life or over her blog.

    great interview.

  2. Oh I love Melly! Such a great girl.

  3. Mel, you rock!!!!

  4. Mel, I remember when you were five years old and said"Oh look! the moon looks like a dissolving Disprin..." and Sweet Chilli Sauce is exactly right for you - add a few strawberries for freshness!

  5. thanks everyone for reading mels interview :) so glad you liked it :)

  6. Oh wow, what a great interview! Such fun!

  7. Ah, thanks for the lurve guys - and thanks for reading!

    Betty - this was fun, maybe I can have the pleasure of interviewing YOU sometime? ;-)

  8. sounds great Mel - I really loved reading your comments. I enjoy seeing how different peoples minds work. I would totally answer your questions :) cool bananas :)


  9. That's my Girl - definitely Sweet Chilli Sauce :). Loved you from the day I met make life more worth living.... and your style ROCKS. R.


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