Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Interview - Questions and Answers with LANA LOU STYLE

Today is my 50th Post YAY!!! :)  And I also have the priviledge of putting up the answers I got of  Lana's from Lanalou Style's blogger Interview. I so enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about her. She has a gorgeous blog that is definately worth a visit, especially if you are into decor :)
I hope you enjoy reading her answers.

I did. :)

The city I live in ...is amazing; beauty, style and nature all in one!

 I Love .... colour

My favorite food is .....sushi especially salmon roses

The Best thing I can cook ..... is cupcakes, I know, not exactly challenging but I do decorate them beautifully!

My Staple food is .... boring Shredded Bran cereal for breakfast

My friends think I'm .... a creative genius ;)

I totally Rock at .... putting together storyboards!

My style is.... a little bit of everything, but more feminine and pretty than edgy and cool

My blog is about .... things that inspire me, interiors, decor, fashion, photography and Cape Town!

If I was a food I'd be a ... a delicious creme brulee

My healthiest thing I eat is .... hot water with lemon in the mornings

 I am 1 of .... 3 children

 My obsession is... discovering cool new places in CT to photograph

My parents discovered I was crazy when .... um sadly I'm not so crazy

I known I was different since.... I didn't want to be a doctor, lawyer or have a high powered job

If i could take 3 things with me to a desert island .... a never-ending book by Marion Keyes, my camera and a bikini

I live in..... Cape Town

My favourite read is.... livingetc, it's my favourite magazine at the moment

My mood is best ....when I'm being creative or out in nature

My blog address is.....www.lanaloustyle.blogspot.com

My readers are....the best, they make my day!

My full name is......Lana Louise Kenney hence lanalou style

My wish for 2010 .....is to be happy, inspired, motivated and free!


See now wasn't that nice :)
for those of you local to Cape Town it is always nice to find another Cape Town blogger :) and for the rest of the bloggersphere it is always nice to find a good blog to read and get inspired by.
have a great tueday

(pic of lana supplied by herself on my request)


  1. Anyone who loves Marian Keyes is cool in my books!

    Off to have a squizz.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Well we all have the love for Cape Town in common. Great interview.

  3. thanks :) you guys are always so encouraging :)

  4. Lovely interview! Great questions and answers!

  5. happy 50th blog! they are hard to keep especially when you do it on a daily basis...

  6. Betty, this is neat!! It was great to know more about Lana Kennedy, I'm a fan of her blog :)

  7. good to get to know lana a bit more - her blog always so beaut - thx for the interview

  8. I love these questions!

    and it's always nice to have friends who think you are a creative genius. ;)


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