Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Decor chat during ballet class

Hi there all you great readers. I've been missing in action the last while due to us deciding to renovate / redecorate our kitchen and our daughters bedroom. Then while this is happening i also attended a photography workshop and school has gone back so i've just been rushing from place to place. Trying not to be late for things and trying to squeeze everything in. When we have any spare time we are covered in paint and saw dust trying to get the kitchen and room finished! Half my daughters room and pieces of the kitchen are in the lounge making everything chaotic. So everything is still not finished! I've been so inspired by some of the home decor blogs out there. There are so many talented people out there and i'm so glad they decided to blog about how they decorate their homes. It has really helped me with some of my paint choices and layout ideas and just inspiration in general. So thank you all you great decor bloggers. Well i do have some great recipes to blog about but as i type this from my cellphone while sitting waiting for my daughter during ballet class i don't have any of then with me. Maybe i'll get it right next time. Have a great day.


your thoughts?