Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Well happy Monday - umm errr Tuesday :)  Being the long weekend and having monday off my brain thinks it's monday when it's actually tuesday (ha ha ha silly me) I keep thinking tomorrow is tuesday when it is actually wednesday. Pretty sure the rest of the week is going to go like that which is great cause when it gets to friday - which will feel like thursday the weekend will have come early - what a nice surprise it will be for my brain :)  It is funny how our bodies get into rhythms and certain circumstances make you feel differently. Anyway Easter was lovely and great to see friends and family and relax and eat ...... wait for it.... CHOCOLATE :)

We (my daughter and I) did try make our own easter eggs and I thought I had this bright idea - we blew out the inside of the eggs and washed them out, let them dry and then filled them with melted chocolate and let them set so we had solid easter eggs in a real egg shell which then you crack open with a spoon and inside is a solid chocolate egg. It kind of worked but the filling of the melted chocolate took way to long and you couldn't see if it was full so i gave up after 2 eggs. but it was kind of fun!

We also made an easter tree :) which was fun. Which we got the free printable eggs and bunnie pictures from Spagat a really cool blog. We had lots of fun making it and I think it came out really nice.

In all we had a very creative and relxing Easter - hope you did too


  1. Cool idea but i don't think i'd have the patience!

    Love the Easter Tree.


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