Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On Saturday I had the pleasure of decorating for my sister in laws baby shower. It didn't take much brain storming to come up with a theme for her baby shower as she knows she is having a girl and her nursery is going to have accents of little birds - so we went with pink and white with little birds :) taaa daaaa





Working along the theme of little birds we added bird related things like feathers and eggs- All in pink of course :) I added wording "baby bird" and "baby girl" to a few special cupcakes and the top of the cupcake display had two little birds facing each other.

 My sister in laws mom arranged all the eats to be brought and so to try and keep things as coordinated as possible i brought extra little fondant birds and a butterfly or two to be added to various plates and platters to tie them all together with the theme.  
I also printed a picture of little birds and their babies put it in a frame and used pink ribbon and tuile on the table and scattered little pink flowers. Of course it helps that I have a little girl so pink fabric etc is easy to come by in my house :)  

Some of the Pink and white eats included were: turkish delight, scones with strawberry jam and cream, strawberries dipped in chocolate (red but also ties in with the pink nicely), Cream cheese with sweet chilli sauce and crackers, speckled eggs (all the pink and purple ones), pink decorated cupcakes (which i made and decorated).


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Champagne and Cupcakes

 i baked chocolate cupcakes and had some pretty champagne at my party

As I sit here and type this at 2.20 in the morning - it is deathly quiet outside and I am content with the world.
I have had a very productive and crazy last 2 weeks (hence the lack of blog posts). My husband is on leave and my 30th birthday is over and done with (phew). Food has been baked and eaten and dishes have been washed and mostly packed away. My lounge is yet to be re-arranged as i quite like how it looks from my party :)
I had a grand time and was so happy and blessed with all my family and friends who took the time to celebrate and spoil me - (Thank you oh crazy friends)
I did manage to take some photos (look at the one above) but have still got to sort and edit them and try to sort out in my head how to post party photos as well as before and after photos oh how my hubby and I decorated/remade our furniture etc....

Just thought I would give you a hi/ hello world, I do still exist and a happy thank you to my friends, being brazen and simply Mel B and various others for sharing my birthday with me :)

well odious 20's and hello 30's

nighty nighty *yawn* I really should go to bed