Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things that make me smile

  • I love walking early mornings on the beach - the sight of sea and mountains never seems to grow old
  • Playing music loud in my car while driving on the road  round the mountain :) puts me in such a great head space
  • Making home made vanilla ice cream from scratch - and then licking the bowl
  • Receiving comments from old followers and getting new followers - it brightens my day everytime - I still can't believe that others like to read my blog
  • Planning parties in my head - with matching decor and food and drink :) prettiness is contagious  
  • Chilling at home with my husband - so peaceful and calming

How as your weekend been?


  1. Love posts like these.

    Yes to all of the above for me too!

    Especially the loud music in my car - my girls love it too.

    Right now I'm loving chilling at home, on a cold & mizzly day with my family. Love love loving it.

  2. I am with Shayne on this...I love these posts. I love just sitting and staring at the sea...nothing relaxes me more.

  3. thanks you 2 ladies :)
    I love getting your comments :)

    happy Sunday

  4. Loud music in the car...Agree. Nothing better to clear the head.

  5. I love to plan parties in my head too hahaha! I also love to re-decorate in my head, hahaha!

  6. haha planning parties in your head, i love that.

  7. Ah, that sounds like such a great weekend. I really miss the sea.

    This weekend, the princess and I were creative - we baked and we created - with the most brilliant cookie cutters (check blog)


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