Monday, November 29, 2010


Nothing like having a kid to put  you in the Christmas mood :) with the school nativity play done [check] and the Christmas decorations being made at school [check] - I think I may need to get my butt into gear and start thinking about getting out the decorations.... and look into baking a Christmas cake :) I love cherries :)
That being said I'm not decorating totally just yet as it is the husbands birthday on the 12th of December and it just doesn't feel right to have decorations up while celebrating his birthday. So I'm thinking of starting small like a wreath on the door and one or two ornaments out and then after the 12th of December I'll do the Christmas tree and the works!! Talking about being more Christmas focused right now I've decided instead of buying my 6 year old the traditional chocolate advent calender I'll make her one instead myself :) BUT tomorrow is the last day of November so I have today and tomorrow to make it so that on Wednesday morning it can be up and she can start using it.

 I got really pretty inspiration and ideas from these blogs and if you're thinking of making one or just curious then go and take a look :)

Cute little folded boxes advent calender here
Match box advent calender here
Tiny envelope hanging advent calender here

I would love to try the first 2 but seeing as though I am pressed for time I think I will do the tiny envelopes one (last one on the list) as it's super easy and quick to do and it even has FREE printables. just print, stick and fill :) I've also been collecting various little things to fill them with - strips of stickers cut up, teeny tiny ornaments, tiny chocolates and little mints/sweeties, an ink stamper or 2 and some baby animal kiddies tattoos. May add a lip gloss if I find one between now and tomorrow night.

Hope you enjoy looking and maybe try to make your own if you feel like it

Thursday, November 25, 2010


If you are a blogger and are in Cape Town area then come to this cool get together :) on the 8th December.
Looks like it will be fun. And it will be cool to meet other bloggers :) YAY!

Hope to see you there

Oh and don't forget to RSVP to



To ALL those of you that didn't win please don't hate me for not drawing your name. It's all's fault I swear. I had nothing to do with this craziness - It is all the internet's fault OK.
And to the Winner - Nikki :) you are a lucky lady, even I am jealous of you!!! generated number 15 - which is this comment
nikki said...
I "like" you on facebook! 
So well done and Congrats - Please email me your details.
Big hugs to all of your that didn't win - I'm going to drink a strong cup of coffee and eat a chocolate. I need some cheering up! Although I never was in the running - hahahaha. Solice is still good.

Monday, November 22, 2010

True Randomness

I have come to the conclusion that I am bad at posting on my blog on a Monday. I can't seem to stop myself from using all my spare time to catch up and read other peoples blogs and trying to get myself away from these said blogs to write on my own is just near impossible- silly me. *[note to self - start writting next Mondays post NOW!!]

Monday is also delete/read/reply to emails day from the weekend of emails pilling up.

On a food note -myself and my family are absolutely adoring the homemade apricot jam we made and have devoured almost 2 bottles already - even though I have 3 more at the bottom of the fridge I will need to make more to keep for winter! [never thought that would happen] but summer is just beginning so i have plenty of time :)

This weekend I photographed a Nativity play, a Pirate party and a Bible School graduation - hence to say I have a lot of editing in my future.... mmmm square eyes maybe my new name

 I think I maybe turning into a label addict and  pure food freak!! I am simply not prepared to eat junk anymore (hence reading all the labels) and I find myself not even being tempted to eat things like sweets and crisps and other factory made concoctions of MSG, Aspartame and the likes. The more i read about how bad they are for you the more I would rather live without them and bake or make something myself. Its just not worth it and homemade is always better!

Anyway know that you know what crazy thoughts I have - what are your obsessions at the moment?

ps I really wish I could win the super cute clutch that is the Give away on my blog at the moment - but seeing as though i can't you should win it for me - or atleast make me happy that one of my fab readers has it instead

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday :)

So glad it is Friday - even though we have a full /busy weekend it will be nice to have the husband at home :)

So Christmas is on its way and it'll be here sooner than we think. We have our daughters nativity play tomorrow and so starts the beginning of the list of end of year functions and plays to attend.
I am trying to breathe and take control this festive season - I don't want this Christmas time to feel rushed and busy but actually enjoy the moment of being with my husband and daughter [friends and family too] and relax. I don't know if I'll get it right but I'm sure going to try :)  The same goes for all the Christmas present shopping and cooking. We will be doing it all but balance is the key. [so i keep telling myself]

Anyway enough rambling - Happy Friday lovelies :)

And on a happy Friday note :) The Winner of the $25 dollars to spend on a beautiful tutu from Tiny Belles Boutique is Renee Simmons CONGRATS!!!  (please email me)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CUTE Clutch GIVE AWAY from Oatmeal Lace Design

 ISN'T THIS GORGEOUS??? I think it's beautiful!

Mckay from Oatmeal Lace Designs makes the cutest and most beautiful clutches - I love them all but this white one is my favorite one of them all!! And guess what I get to give away one of her cute clutches (that I wish I could keep) to you. How lucky are you?!!! :)

I asked Mckay to tell me a little bit more about herself and her shop:

"Growing up 10 miles shy of the Georgia state line, I consider myself to be born and bred in the South. And like all good Southern families, we ate almost every meal gathered around our kitchen table—it was where I learned that faith and family build the foundations of a purposeful life. We shared laughter, love and, most of all, my grandmother's recipes. But Mamama, my 93 years young grandmother, is not only a dynamo in the kitchen, she is a talented sewer who motivated me to pursue my artistic talents (the name of my company is based off of her delicious cookie recipe: Oatmeal Lace). Now when I clear off the kitchen table in my home, I use it to create my handmade bags and just like Mamama's recipes, there is love in every one"

Please visit Oatmeal Lace Design Etsy Shop

The giveaway:
1. cute clutch from Oatmeal Lace Design 
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


After making my own apricot jam for the first time I don't think I will ever buy commercially made Jam ever again! It was one of the easiest things I've have ever made and gave such great results that I have managed to make another batch since and my fridge now has 4 pretty jars of apricot jam sitting on the shelves.
It is one of those things so satisfying to make. Almost like being Julia Child or Nigella Lawson creating something nourishing and delicious all in one. It is also so great and good that what my family is eating something that is preservative-FREE and lower in sugar than the shop bought variety and I managed to get pesticide free apricots -so less chemicals :) I hope to find some organic apricots soon :)
I think I  may try out some strawberries next or anything else that seems delicious. So many possibilities as summer is almost here and new fruit comes into season, I'm sure I'll be trying to turn all sorts of fruit into jam.

600 - 800grams / just under 4 cups  Apricots (weigh/measure after cutting and removing the pips)
200g / 1 cup Sugar (i used organic brown sugar)
a quarter to half a lemon

Cut the apricots in half and destone (remove the pip from each one). Trim off any brown spots or parts u wouldn't eat.
Weigh and place in pot with sugar and cover.
(Now if you are a busy person and don't have time to finish the recipe right now - you can place the covered apricots and sugar in the fridge for upto 24 hours).
Put pot on stove and slowly heat while stirring to dissolve the sugar.
Once the mixture starts to boil turn down the heat and stir every 2 - 3 minutes making sure it doesn't catch/burn on the bottom of the pot.
Squeeze the lemon over the apricot mixture - just a little bit - roughly about 2 teaspoons of liquid.
Scrape the froth off the top until your mixture is froth free.
After slowly boiling for roughly 15 - 20 min (the mixture should have thickened and the apricots should have broken up into tiny pieces)
Very carefully pour into clean sterilised jars and seal.
Store in the fridge.

My mixture made 2 jars and a tiny bit extra for toast right there and then :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

BLOG IT FORWARD - My own blog post

I have yet to do my Blog it Forward Post. So here it is! (If you are not sure what blog it forward is - check it out here)

One of the blogs in my group is Oh Darling Bride, a beautiful blog to do with weddings . I love looking at beautiful wedding inspired photos :) and this blog has many for you to get lost in. So dreamy and pretty - what is a girl not to like about it?

picture from oh darling bride

Run by 2 brides to be Monique and Ruth. Who better to do a wedding blog than 2 girls busy planning their own weddings of course. Most ladies love to look at weddings whether you are single, engaged, or married - girls just love to see pretty things and most are romantics at heart - sigh... Day dreaming again - sorry

so go and check out Oh darling bride and say hi and that Betty Bake sent you :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiny Belles Gorgeous GIVE AWAY

Gorgeous pink and fluff is every girls dream - with names like pinkalicious and sun flowers and sunshine - i want to eat them :) Tiny Belles Boutique has the most cutest tutus ever!!! I have a daughter who does ballet who would love one of these - good thing she isn't old enough to read my blog yet :) And you get a chance to win one of these pieces of cuteness :) how lucky!!!

Please visit Tiny Belles boutique Etsy Shop

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So there was this kitchen......

that was very 70's and  .... well just not me.

The kitchen of the house we live in 2003/2004

yellow cabinets with brown wooden handles and yellow floor

So with little money to spend I got some white paint from my mom and tinted it blue and painted the cupboards. Also slowly started replacing the handles - but didn't get very far....

painted the cupboards just after moving in

Floor still yellow and splash back tiles still patterned

Then we asked our lovely land lady last year if we could tile the kitchen floor and repaint the cupboards....
And she said YES :)
Of course it took a while for us to get going - but we managed to tile the kitchen floor ourselves with big white tiles (which really wasn't as easy as it seems - cause big tiles are harder to tile with!)
Then I started to ponder what colour the cabinets/cupboards should be....
So after many many hours on the internet looking at a kazillion kitchens - we painted the top cupboards white and the bottom cupboards grey and afixed silver brushed handles :) and I really like how it came out :)

the middle section behind the fruit is still not painted - I wasn't sure if i wanted to tile it or something

We took out 2 small sliding doors and replaced the backs of 2 of the cupboards with mirror (see where the dinner plates are)

My husband got this table and bench set made up to my dimensions i asked for and then it took me a few days of painting and sanding!

Well its safe to say that the kitchen unfortunately isn't sparkily and white anymore and there are dishes in the sink :( darn! but atleast it more my style :) chique grey, silver and white :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Fawkes and a Winner!

So I couldn't find my Guy Fawkes photos from last year - don't know why. So here is a pic of some boats in Kalk Bay Harbour. The reason for the need of fireworks pics is because it is guy fawkes today for us and lots of people will be letting off fireworks tonight. YAY! they always look so pretty.

And on another celebratory and explosive note: the WINNER of the Kawaii $20 voucher is:
*drum roll and fire works*
Curious Constellation said...
I also liked Kawaii Goodies on FB.
So happy Friday

Have a Super Weekend

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All I want right now is one of these and a cup of coffee

I am so distracted and NEED to focus...

This blog post has taken 3 days to write and I'm only on the second line > yikes!
I can't write in story form right now as I'm so distracted so bullet form it is:
  • So I was interviewed last week for the Wellness Warehouse blog about being Gluten-Free. Take a look at the interview here.
  • I managed to email all the bloggers involved in the Blog it Forward idea [yay me]

  • I have been catching up on emails - nearly there but school trips and cleaning and cooking keeps getting in the way of me getting it under wraps - darn!!! - I will conquer my inbox [positive thinking Betty positive]
  •  Photo editing is also on my to-do list but I keep taking more photo so I guess that is one of those things I won't be conquering - oh well - you win some, you lose some.
  • You are crazy for reading this post - hahaha - ok what i really mean is - thank you for reading this post
  • Washing dishes is NOT cool!
  • I have a strong urge for coffee - when I say urge I mean - AAAH give it to me NOW!!! I think I may need to go the shop right after I have hit the posting button - Run out the door - hand bag in hand and nothing else!!!
  •  If your name is Swee San you have until Friday to email me - then I will be selecting a new winner for the birdie vinyl giveaway.- sorry. [hope you email]
  • Have to go doing shopping now - organic and all - I wouldn't have it any other way.

so hope you weren't to confused by my crazy mumblings.....
coffee it is!!!  ....bye