Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So there was this kitchen......

that was very 70's and  .... well just not me.

The kitchen of the house we live in 2003/2004

yellow cabinets with brown wooden handles and yellow floor

So with little money to spend I got some white paint from my mom and tinted it blue and painted the cupboards. Also slowly started replacing the handles - but didn't get very far....

painted the cupboards just after moving in

Floor still yellow and splash back tiles still patterned

Then we asked our lovely land lady last year if we could tile the kitchen floor and repaint the cupboards....
And she said YES :)
Of course it took a while for us to get going - but we managed to tile the kitchen floor ourselves with big white tiles (which really wasn't as easy as it seems - cause big tiles are harder to tile with!)
Then I started to ponder what colour the cabinets/cupboards should be....
So after many many hours on the internet looking at a kazillion kitchens - we painted the top cupboards white and the bottom cupboards grey and afixed silver brushed handles :) and I really like how it came out :)

the middle section behind the fruit is still not painted - I wasn't sure if i wanted to tile it or something

We took out 2 small sliding doors and replaced the backs of 2 of the cupboards with mirror (see where the dinner plates are)

My husband got this table and bench set made up to my dimensions i asked for and then it took me a few days of painting and sanding!

Well its safe to say that the kitchen unfortunately isn't sparkily and white anymore and there are dishes in the sink :( darn! but atleast it more my style :) chique grey, silver and white :)


  1. You made a very tired kitchen look all chic. You must be a dream tenant;-D

  2. That's beautiful! You did so much work, ohmiword! It really is stunning.

  3. Looks stunning!! Thanks for sharing hun! Mwah xx

  4. Did I see your kitchen when it was yellow? I cant remember. I actually liked the blue - but i prefer the white - goes with more :)

    Hugs x

  5. @chantel - thanks :)

    @Lynette - our land lady is super cool and paid for the materials and we just did all the work :)

    @curious constellation - thank you so very much

    @fashion Jazz - thanks hun

    @being brazen - you were overseas when i moved in - so nah u didn't see it when it was yellow. thanks BB

  6. It looks stunning! Well done. Do you want to move into my place for a while..... It could do with some work :-)

  7. Love it!
    When are you free to come and redo ours?

  8. Wow! Beaut makeover BB! I also loved the blue - but the white/grey/silver is very chic.

  9. Looks divine.

    I need to do my kitchen - right now it is all oregan pine doors - but i want to paint them a sage green. Just too scared to 'take the leap'! I suppose i should just do it. And if it looks poo then i'll paint it another colour!

    Love your bowl with the lemons in it. Is it Boardmans?

  10. @ordinary life - thanks, hahaha i don't think i'll be doing more painting in a rush my hair and skin are only just recovering

    @farmgirl - hahaha read above

    @lipgloss ninja - thanks :)

    @shayne - take the leap :) i'm sure it will look fabulous and if not then just repaint :)
    - bowl from ??? don't know - had it for years

  11. GREAT makeover! Much much much better than the horrid 70's style.

  12. Awesome job! Super clean and chic! You have totally inspired me :D


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