Monday, November 22, 2010

True Randomness

I have come to the conclusion that I am bad at posting on my blog on a Monday. I can't seem to stop myself from using all my spare time to catch up and read other peoples blogs and trying to get myself away from these said blogs to write on my own is just near impossible- silly me. *[note to self - start writting next Mondays post NOW!!]

Monday is also delete/read/reply to emails day from the weekend of emails pilling up.

On a food note -myself and my family are absolutely adoring the homemade apricot jam we made and have devoured almost 2 bottles already - even though I have 3 more at the bottom of the fridge I will need to make more to keep for winter! [never thought that would happen] but summer is just beginning so i have plenty of time :)

This weekend I photographed a Nativity play, a Pirate party and a Bible School graduation - hence to say I have a lot of editing in my future.... mmmm square eyes maybe my new name

 I think I maybe turning into a label addict and  pure food freak!! I am simply not prepared to eat junk anymore (hence reading all the labels) and I find myself not even being tempted to eat things like sweets and crisps and other factory made concoctions of MSG, Aspartame and the likes. The more i read about how bad they are for you the more I would rather live without them and bake or make something myself. Its just not worth it and homemade is always better!

Anyway know that you know what crazy thoughts I have - what are your obsessions at the moment?

ps I really wish I could win the super cute clutch that is the Give away on my blog at the moment - but seeing as though i can't you should win it for me - or atleast make me happy that one of my fab readers has it instead


  1. I'm also becoming a lot more conscious about what is in the food we eat - starting to grow more of my own veg and make things from scratch (when I have the time).

    Monday i also sit reading reading reading - and it completely wastes a whole child-free morning - but i cannot help myself.

    I received my cupcake wrappers btw - they are gorg!

  2. hey Shayne - so glad you received your cupcake wrappers - yay! :) so glad

    yeah - it is becoming more important what we put in our bodies - glad u are being more concious for you and your family :) and making things from scratch always tastes better anyway :)


  3. Lovely post that reminds me to check the labels when I buy.

    I usually also read blogs on Mondays and very seldom post. I have actually been lazy posting on other days as wel:(

  4. That homemade apricot jam sounds wonderful. And I constantly read labels and get very confused....

  5. Hey Betty, Love this. I get behind on visiting reader's blogs and find the weekends to be the best for me. Mondays are just sorta wonky, aren't they? I'm always trying to get back into a schedule.

    I too am a label reader. I've become more aware since I started shopping at Whole foods market. could not believe all the trash in pre-made foods. I try to make as much as I can and still splurge occasionally on some fast food, bad as it is.

    thank you for your super sweet comment. such encouraging words are what keep a blogger going!


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