Saturday, January 29, 2011


'beady eyed seal giving me that crazy look....

Merrily browsing the sweetie aisle of the supermarket desperately  trying to find sweets that do not contain glucose syrup (so much harder than it sounds) reading every label and minding my own business when a mom comes round the corner with a trolley and 3 children in tow. Mom instructs them to pick some chips to buy, each to pick a flavor that they would like :) great - so they all do that and place them in the trolley. Then one kiddo sees the pre-packaged lollipops you put in the freezer to make frozen lollies and says please mom can we have these. Mom says um let me see and starts reading the label, "kids this has aspartame in it" so she picks up the next brand and starts reading again... more aspartame! and going through every make says sorry kids but these all have junk in (meaning aspartame) I think we must make our own at home. You know I could have walked over to that mom and kissed her I was so happy. she had no idea that I overheard her conversation and that I was smiling with delight.
I often feel like a label freak and a weirdo when I say sorry sweetie pie but we won't be having that - because of the junk that is in it eg aspartame, MSG, tartrazine, the E numbers on stuff!!! (the list is long- they put so much junk in our food) I was giddy with happiness to find that I wasn't the only one that was concerned about what I ate/gave my kid and was happy to say no to them - even if that mom was only concerned about aspartame I was sooo happy I almost did a Jimmeny cricket up in the air sidekick. I often feel like the crazy mom - "like oh please we aren't going to die if we eat tartrazine" looks i get. And the best part was I had a moment of - "you know I am not as crazy as I thought" :) yay me!
Thank you lady in the grocery store you made my day :)


  1. You're definitely NOT crazy - you are mindful, wise and wholly committed to giving your kid the BEST you can. Kudos to you. It takes a touch of craziness to stick to your guns cos the pressure (and inconvenience) against your quest is significant!

  2. I will admit that all I check labels for are lactose and gluten - which rules out pretty much anything anyway!

    I am a sweet addict *blush* so its a bit hard to keep them hidden from the kids!

  3. you are crazy....but its not because you check labels

  4. Def not crazy, wish I was more like you!:)


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