Friday, January 21, 2011

Summer is an Ice Lolly

How fast can you put a smile on a child's face when handing them an ice lolly :) Pretty darn fast I tell you :)
An instant pick me up and also a great way to cool anyone down from kiddies to adults. And the best part is that you can make your own in your favorite flavor and you can make them preservative free and as organic as you want them to be - it all depends on the quality of your ingredients. All you need is some juice and some yoghurt! Simple hey!

Fruit Juice of your Juice (the more organic the better)
Yoghurt of your choice (also the more organic the better)

Take your favorite juice flavour (as fresh and as organic as possible) and pour into a 1/3 or half of the lolly moulds. Place in the freezer and when almost set put in your ice lolly sticks. When the juice is properly set pour in your yoghurt till almost fill (i use organic vanilla yoghurt) and place back in the freezer until hard and set.

Take out and enjoy :)
And its healthy too :)



  1. Lovely. Fingers crossed for a scorcher this weekend to inspire some lolly making.

  2. I will have to get some lolly moulds...this is perfect for my grandbabies.

  3. This looks suitably doable. :-)

  4. Wow, so simple and easy! I'll be trying this this weekend.

  5. @Marina Anne Pape - LOL :) fingers crossed, or make them this weekend and leave them in the freezer until the weather is hot - they can keep for a few months covered up :)

    @Lynette - aaah sweet, I'm sure they will love them and granny for making some for them :)

    @MelB - easy as pie Mel and they kids will LOVE them :)

    @curious constellation - let me know how it turns out :)

    @wendyywy Table for 2 - thanks :)

  6. We made some of these a couple of weeks ago, but used two different flavours (berry & apple i think) and made them in stripes. They looked so cute.

    Have never tried with yoghurt, definately going to give it a bash.

  7. Fabulous! I could do with one now! :) xx

  8. Oh yummy - have done juice before but never yogurt. Great idea.

  9. Yum, perfect Summer treat, must give it a try!

  10. YUMMY! Looks awesome. Saw some VERY cute teddy bear moulds at the Baking Tin in Ottery.. I have tupperware ones & made some with just fruit juice & milk/yoghurt - boys loved them ;-)


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