Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wind, Bed, Mag, Sleep

Well today I am feeling weird -
  • the clouds are stormy and the wind is pumping
  • I wore a hat so the wind wouldn't annoy me and make my hair all knotty
  • I feel like some tea in bed with a good magazine
  • last nights Ravioli totally ROCKED and was worth all the time standing making it!
  • I know I should be working on recipe posts but there is so many blogs I am catching up reading since I've not been in front of my computer for the last two weeks.
  • Please forgive lack of recipe post and party post..... It is coming. Promise.
  • I am moody and little things are annoying me
  • My body is achey - I think some Panado and bed maybe in order
  • night night
  • Come back soon 'K


  1. Am also grumpy/moody today.

    Too much to do and too little time.

    And a sore neck & shoulder.

    Feel better soon see?

  2. Are you coming down with something? Hope you will feel better once the wind dies down and you had a good rest.

  3. BOOOO. This doesnt soundl like you at all! Hope you feeling okay now?


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