Tuesday, March 29, 2011


  • Getting a package delivered containing delicious goodies like Nomu Hot choc and sweet rub...
  • Having an understanding spouse who says go back to bed when you are really not feeling well.
  • Buying a nice set of speakers that makes music sound like it should = happiness :)
  • Having a very helpful petrol attendant who knows what he's doing and doesn't make you feel like an idiot for not knowing too much about which coolant I need for my car. Thank you kind sir.
  • Having an encouraging sister-in-law who helped me get over my moaning and then helped to talk me into a positive mood.
  • Just breathing fresh air
  • Kindness of strangers - having cute twitter messages from people I don't really know :)
  • Feeling important even though I'm a small fry - to somebody you matter :)

how is your week going?

happiness :)


  1. Great list lady, it has me counting my happy moments too :)

  2. - oversleeping by 2 hours and have your boss still smile at you
    - a nice bottle of pinot noir
    - your mum saying 'thank you for the nice chat'
    - a surprise message from a boy you always had a crush on asking you for dinner

    that's mine till now, but it's only week half time..

  3. Week is going great! Made target at work. Very stoked. Love your smile list!

  4. - lovely cuddle weather in cape town
    - discovering lovely blogs full of tasty treats
    - mashed potato
    - great company
    - a whole week off in april wahooo!

    life is good!

  5. Lovely list Betty...there is so many reasons to be happy and that puts a smile on my face...but it is usually found in the little things in life.

  6. @brazen - thanks :)
    @cassey - great :)
    @any - sounds great :) nice list :)
    @FarmGirl - thats awesome, congrats :)
    @victoria - thank you
    @kupkake - awesome, nummy mash and yay time off :)
    @Lynette - so true, the little things are usually the best things :)
    @FashionJazz - hey hun,thanks :)

    :) thanks everyone I LOVE your comments :)

  7. This is a gorgeous series of posts...you have inspired me to write a daily 'things that make me smile' list! Thanks! Love your blog, now following, check out mine too! Miss Walker xoxo

  8. love this. getting coddled every now and then is the best! esp when you're not feeling well. (hope you're all better, btw.)

    and you are a good woman to appreciate good speakers. my husband always says a good speaker system is lost on me : )


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