Friday, March 11, 2011


I've been going round and round in my head if I should write posts on this blog even if they are not food related. Now I don't mean about my family eg aww sweet my daughter lost her tooth posts. posts about stuff that interests me etc.... I know I write a post called "things that make me smile" every now and then and that is as far as i have gone to be un-foodie in a post.... You see I've have been trying not to fill my blog up with non food related matter as I feel I would make my blog change from a "foodie"blog to a "personal"blog.  And as much as I like reading other peoples personal blogs - I want my blog to be a niche blog. But turning out recipe posts is hard sometimes. Finding time to write out the recipes without missing anything out (or the recipe may flop!) and taking the pics and editing them ALL takes a lot of time and that means I post not as regularly as I would like. So I am hoping to have a mix of blogging stuff and see how it goes. I will post stuff and see the development... I like Pioneer Woman as she posts food, photography, home schooling, life on her ranch and other stuff but her website/blog is compartmentalized so if you like cooking you can just subscribe to cooking and if you like photography you can just subscribe to that. Not sure how to do that but I'm going to try posting various stuff and see.  So it may or may not contain things like: Food, Style & Decor, Photography, Health, Lists, Jewelry and Pretty things.

Thanks for understanding and I hope not to lose to many strict foodie recipe only blog followers (fingers crossed)

 Any thoughts about how I should do it? or what you would do??


  1. To keep it simple you could allocate certain days to certain topics?

    Monday - recipes
    Tuesday - photography

    etc etc.

    just a thought. :-)

  2. I also decided to diversify my content and am finding that it has made blogging much easier.

  3. @MelB yes that is a good idea :) thank you :)

    @My Bestfriends Little Sister - wow that is hopeful to me :) thank you


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